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Lancer 1979 

Sandwich High School 

East Sandwich, Massachusetts 










In twelve years we have grown immeasurably, both in and out of 
school. Our dreams have changed since we started first grade, two 
thousand one hundred sixty days ago. Then we all wanted to be 
teachers or firemen; now our dreams are as varied as our person- 
alities. We’ve been told that we can do anything, and now we’re 
ready to follow our dreams as far as they will take us. 


Remember When . . . 

Paula had a barn party? 
Sean lit his hair on fire in science? 
Linda and Larry were sent to the office for kissing? 
All the girls had crushes on David Cassidy? 

We used to play Chinese jumprope? 

We hatched chickens in Mr. McCullough's class? 

We had silent day for the Heart Fund and had 
to pay \e for each word spoken? 

We pulled Iggy’s cart up an incline to find out about 
kinetic energy? 

We went skiing at Pat's Peak? 

Mr. Frank and Mr. Campbell cooked lunch for 


We had to wear gum on our noses? 

We had Mexican day and we all did the Mexican hat dance? 
We had our junior prom? 

We couldn’t wait to be seniors? 

We built our sandcastle at Sandy Neck? 

Blue And White 


Springfield . . . 

Remember that cool September morning when we all woke up 
early for a monotonous, four-hour bus ride? Although we had 
heard much about Springfield, we weren’t sure what to expect, but 
when we reached the fair, we all agreed that it was great. 

It was a remarkable place with everything imaginable . . . cotton 
candy, carousels, the Super Loop, and much more. 

It is with great pride that the 
Class of 1979 dedicates its yearbook 
to Mrs. Beatrice DeLacy. 

Throughout three of our high 
school years, Mrs. DeLacy has 
faithfully served as class advisor. 
In so doing, she has pulled us 
through many “tight” situations, in- 
cluding the canteen, the prom, and 
class trips. 

In addition to all of her hard 
work, we also recognize Mrs. DeLacy 
for her outgoing personality. She 
loves to joke, but she can also be 
serious. If ever confronted with a 
problem, Mrs. DeLacy is always 
open-minded and ready to help. 

Mrs. DeLacy is a doer who clearly 
believes in impossible dreams. She 
has taught us to go after what we 
want, no matter how unreachable it 
may seem. 


Dr. Anthony D'Antuono 

Administration . . . 

Writing late passes for us morning after 

morning . . . 
Listening to our problems . . . 
Organizing activities from Springfield to 

Spirit Week . . . 
Signing innumerable passes for the three- 

o’clock bus . . . 

Mrs. Joanne FcUig 

Mr. Curtis Collins 

Mrs. Amanda Blaisdell 

Mrs. Joan Evans 

Mrs. Sharon Rideout 
Mrs. Carol Bess 

Mr. John Chisolm 


Mrs. Jean Wallin 
Mr. Thomas Eager 

Mrs. Penny Caldwell 

Miss Jan Semonian 
Mr. Harry D. E^vans III 

Bluffing our way through Silas Marner . . . 

Reading To Kill a Mockingbird and then seeing the movie . . . 
Translating Shakespeare into “normal English” . . . 

Struggling frantically to accumulate four credits in English . . . 


Mrs, Grelchcn Webster 


Foreign Language . . . 

Reading Italian joke books in Mr. Tedeschi s class . . . 
Trying to decipher Miss Mulcahy’s drawings . . . 
Studying Don Quijote in Spanish I, and Spanish II, and 
Laughing at Ms. Murphy’s charades . . . 

Mr. Silvio Tedeschi 

Ms. Maryclaire Mulcahy 

Ms. Marie Murphy 

Mrs Mary W mines 

History . . . 

Exploring ancient hisotry with Mr. Fenton . . . 

Watching unending filmstrips of the French Revolution . . . 
Arguing with Mr. Doyle about ERA . . . 

Feeling thankful that our study of history is now history . . . 

Mr. Edward Hoxic 
Mr. William Doyle 

Mr. Robert Inman 
Mr. Robert Fenton 

Mr. Thoma.s Taylor 
Mr. Ildward (iiardino 

Math And 
Business . . . 

Learning the difference between 
negative and positive numbers . . . 
Typing “asdf jkl;” for hours and 
hours and hours . . . 

Mastering the quadratic equation 

Understanding shorthand . . . 

Mrs. Mary Huff 
Mr. Benjamin Losordo 

Mr. Eugene Ash 

Mr. Thomas Jaillet 
Mr. Winthrop Trenholm 

Mrs. Janet Francis 

Mr. William Naylor 

Mr. John Crompton 

Mrs. Beatrice Del.acy 



Dissecting baby pigs in biology . . . 

Dropping test tubes again and again . . . 
Learning about speed and velocity . . . 
Re-assembling Ossy-Fied before Mr. Sangster 
returns . . . 

Mr. David O'Hara 

Mrs. Ruth Sherman 
Mr. Robert Hickey 

Miss Francis Tkaczuk 
Mr. William Sangstcr 

Mrs. Sylvia Phillips 

Mr. James Campbell 


Mr. Edward Hcywood 

Fine Arts . . . 

Eating half the chocolate chip cookie batter . . . 

Getting paint everywhere but the canvas . . . 

Watching Mr. Savino play imaginary golf games . . . 
Marching in Christmas parades during sub-zero weather . . . 

Mr. Roger Savino 

Mr. John Cook 
Mr. Jo.scph Piaz/i 


Mr. John Halvorson 

Mrs. Helen Sweeney 

Mrs. Marite Burns 

Mrs. Janet Mohre 

Mrs. Joan Coggeshall 


Mr. Theodore Stemhilber 

Guidance . . . 

Mrs. Lorraine Tomasek 

Trying to fit eight classes into a seven-period 
day . . . 

Writing recommendations for college or jobs . . . 
Readjusting schedules . . . 

Making sure we all have enough credits to 
graduate . . . 

Mrs. Dolores Bush 

r. John DiMiho 

rs. June Sullcr 

Mr. Robert James 

Resource Center . . . 

Mr. Herb Andrews 

Special Needs 

Mr. Michael Curcio 

Ms. Janet Kirsch 

Physical Education . . . 

Miss Barbara Harriman 

Waiting patiently while we look for tennis balls that went over 
the fence . . . 

Reminding us that “a little water won’t hurt us” . . . 
Listening to our far-fetched excuses . . . 

Refereeing our wild and crazy water polo games . . . 

Mr. Robert Woodbury 

Miss Sheryl Burlingame 


Cafeteria Staff 

Mrs. Janice Ahonen, Mrs. Dee Bur- 
rows, Mrs. Shirley Canning, Mrs. 
Ruth Condon, Mrs. Hillis Earle, Mrs. 
Marjorie Fournier, Mrs. Claire Gil- 
foy, Mrs. Cathy Kapinos, Mrs. Jean 
Richards, Mrs. Virginia Thomas. 

Custodial Staff . . . 

Since our custodians’ jobs can range from adjusting the thermostat in the language rooms to fix- 
ing a locker that won’t open, the entire custodial staff can rarely be found together. We want to 
thank Mr. Alfred Bianco, Mr. Louis Bianco, Mr. James Cornman, Mr. Leonard DeCota, Mr. 
Edward Eardly, Mr. Harold Evans, Mr. Thomas Hickey, Mr. John Perkins, Mr. John Powers, 
Mr. Robert Scott, Mr. William Linger, Mr. Robert White, Mr. John Winslow, Mrs. Patricia 

Mrs. Ellen O’Neill 

School Nurse . . . 


I can do what with my computer cards? 

OK boys, you can stop kissing my feet any 
time now . . . 

Hello? Gerber’s baby food . . . ? 


Seventh Grade. 

First row: W. Valler, K, Earle, K, 
Dillon, J. DiPersio. Second row: K. 
Vance, B. Kent, B. Garvin, C. 
Lucas, J. Wallace, A. David, T. 
O’Brien, R. Mucheroni, Third 
row: R. Quinn, D. Salinas, A. 
Weaver, A. Oldham, M. Anaki, 
M. Lucier. 

First row: P. Rodriguez, A. Cole- 
man, D. Bangs, J. Fontaine, L. 
Brown, R. Wallace, A. Chase. 
Second row: A. Titcomb, D. 
Milletulo, W. Skipper, L. Port- 
acalan, P. Ryan, J. Robechaud, 
A. Gianferante. Third row: S. 
Megley. K. Alvezi, C. Olson, A. 
Franky, D. Flemming. 

First row: P. Sweeny, Hendrick 
son. B. Siebert, D. Brennan. C 
Slowey, B. Collins, D. Curley, K 
Pratt. Second row: T. Atwood, B 
Valentini, R. DeLacy, R. Held, T 
Anderson, D. DeConto, W. Hag 
berg, D. VanBuskirk. Third row 
C. Canning, K. Donahue, A. 
bard, B. Luponc, B. Collins, M 
McCoy, J. Reed, D. Merlin, T 
Gomez, L. Patterson. 

First row: W. Walker, D. Battles, E. 
Drifmeyer, M. Willette, J, Dinius, G. 
Barrows, T. Moroney. Second Row: 
C. Borris, K. Martin, A. Troyanos, P. 
Hughbanks, A. Connell, B. Thierwechter, 
C. LeBlanc, F. Ferrara, B. Kasowski, 
J. Bankston. Third row: W. Morse, C. 
Russell, J. Ford, M. Tompkins, S. 
Robbins, K. Choate, K. Bussy, B. 
Hollinger, J. Cook, A. Mott. 

First row 
Second row 

M. Gagnon, B 
G. Mercen, J 
J. Byrne, J 
Wilcox, J 

Luff, M. Dockham, T. Ouel- 
lette, P. Reilly, K. Gillis. 
Third row: T. Gibbs, W. 
Loftus, M. Nurse, P. Moran 
Fourth row: J. Daniels, R. 
Cahoon, L. Ivacek, D. Ware, 
C, Farren, K. Cox. 

8th Grade 

First row; J. Beltrame, A. Straut. K. Abbey, K. Hughes, C. 
Kent, M. Ames, D. Howard. Second row: S. Eldridge, D. 
Burnes, S. Manchester, D. McKay, B. Smith, C. Thierwech- 
ter, D. Rogers, L. Voss. Third row: B. Laakso, M. Elliot, J. 
Praudy, M. Fuller, M. Bondarek, T. Laffoon, M. Regan, W. 
Bennett. Fourth row: T. Cavanaugh, E. Bussey, G. Gail- 
lardetz, C. Broder, J. Govoni, P. Graves. 

First row: R. Nelson, J. McClachlan, L. Mirellia, M. Gall- 
up, T. Guilmette, K. Halleron. Second row: S. Morrisey, W. 
Parks, A. Robichaud,T. Richards, L. Zervas, Third row: A. 
Glick, S. Thorup, J. Charlton, P. Gangemi, J. Broussard, S. 
Souza, B. Bangs. Fourth row: T. Hughes, L. Arthur, B. 
Buckley, T. Burke, R. Quirk, E. Carey, D. Besso, S. Chris- 

First row: M. Warner, E. Evans, P. Stulzman, M. Piazzi, M. 
Wallace, K. Jones, K. Gidycz, M. Morrow, J. Wood, Second 
row: J. Griffith, S. Howes, C. Fenton, K. Chase, D. Ouel- 
lette, S. Rooney, L. Tazioli. Third row: fJ. Anderson, P. 
Rutherford, P. Fagnant, C. Nevling, J. Tarvis, T. Luff, M. 
Zervas, D. Stable, L. Killeen, T, LaRochellc, B. Flanley. 

First Row: J. Shilling, K. Wheaton, M. Karvonen, M. Sari- 
ca, M. Wood, R. Crocker. Second Row: S. Willey, T. Tour- 
ville, C. Salois, T. Davis, D. LeFave, fJ. Ruth, A. Robich- 
aud. Third Row: J. Hannon, P. Dinius, S. Gelson, W. Davis, 
J. Covaco, M. DiPersio, M. Bcllevance, S. Ivacek, L. Cer- 

First row: M. Mazarole, B. Nystom, R. Gomez, K. Peterson, 
K. Osgood. Second row: F. Lupone, M. Chandler, M. Pal- 
mer, M. Kudera, B. Satkevich, A. Burbank, B. Campbell, R. 
Westfield, B. Daniels, M. Oliver. Third row: E. Waters, T. 
Guarino, L. Lipsit, L. Law, J. Wetz, M. Me Cue, K. Gee, D. 
O’Connor, S. Feeley, L. Arnold. 


• • • 

First Row: R. Condon, T. McMahon, K. Eccleston, R. 
Nelson, C. Smith, D. Giampetro, S. Willard, R. Nurse. 
Second row: M. Sylvia, M. Gleason, L. Messier, D. King, 
M. Cropper, L. Driftmeyer, L. Sullivan, D. Brule, S. Pav- 
las, M. Broussard. Third row: P. Baker, C. Prouty, C. 
Cousins, J. Randall, A. Hickey, P. Lemieux, M. Griffith, 
M. Nolan, A. Lamothe, V. Oliver. 

First row: M. Ruhl, Y. Glynn, C. Destremps, J. Wood- 
bury, D. Cowit, M. Currier, D. Gillmetti. Second row: J. 
McGrath, J. Gill, J. Bondarek, R. Rondeau, S. Carr, J. 
Govoni. Third row: B. l.eBlanc, L. Luciani, C. Crocker, T. 
Lehner, M. Willette, S. Brown, J. Govoni. 


First row: J. Closson, S. Garvin, M. Medieros, E. Peters. 
Second row: J. Smith, A. Marryat, D. Skipper, M. Lucier, 
G. Kelley, J. McManus, J. Grillo, J. Cox, K. Suckling, B. 
Manion, V. Cervantes, D. Brun, M. Stutzman. Third row: 
A. Coleman, B. Lawrence, P. Gill, J. Vermynck, T. Pola, D. 
Perry, B. Emanuelson, Kip Beveridge, R. Jones, G. Cooper, 
E. Cannon. 

First row: J. Dodge, E. Peters, B. Ross, W. O’Neil, J. Men- 
donza, L. Gorden, P. Nugent, J. Callahan. Second row: H. 
Callahan, E. Pender, L. Tucker, A. Chapman, B. White, R. 

First row: T Cremeans, K. Kudera, W. Lantry, B. Rich- 
mond, K. Balser, M. Watson, J. Doyle, S. Russell, S. Co- 
lumbo, M. Smith Second row: R. Fenton, S. Rosenbloom, T. 
Lehner, L. Lamb, L. Macomber, K. McCaslin, J. Hagburg, 
L. LeGacy, K. Haynes, J. Hagigeorges, E. Gaffney. Third 
row: K. Gannon, K. Oldham, N. Lombard, C. Ford, L. 
Stewart, K. Straut, J. Felt, T. Thorup, L. Gallop, L. Ouel- 



t row: P. Smith, S. McNamara. S. Barr, J. Crowell, 
Jousfield, Second row: S. Lupone, L. Cjage, T. Messi- 
I. Lombard, R. Correia, C. AIvczi, S. Gelson. Third 
: A. Titcomb, P. MacDonald, S. Wood, S. Wallace. M 
ris, G. Mores, G. Morrow, S. Moroney. .1. Briggs, C. 
sins, S. Westfield, S. Christie. 

Sophomores . . . 

First row: D. Mitchelson, S. Bigwook, S. Bellavance, C. Sozio, C. 
Sozio. Second row: D. Nelson, S. Nevling, K. Kudera, H. O'Rork, 
M. Cook, M. Dolan, 1. Mangan. Third row. R. Potter, T. Tully, P 
Jones, E. MacLaughlin, M. l.eBlanc, P. Flughes, R. Palmer, A. 
Guillemette, C. Ahonen. N. Ivacek. Fourth row: S. Lupone, L. 
Gage, V. Gaffney, W. Pavlas, S. Milroy, C. Santos, E. Martin, K. 
Gagnon, J. McGrath. C. Broder, P Whitney. M. Eldridge. 

First row: T. Fisk, M. Guilmctlc, J. Condon, D. Bur- 
gess, J. Wood, D. Mitchclson, B. Thurston. Second 
row: K. Hcndrick.sen, , R. Robichaud,B. McCutch- 
eon, T. Kelley, S. Cotter, O. Alejandro, A. FIcwitt 
Third row: T. Keenan, F. , J. Govoni, J. Rogers, FI. 
Weekes, R. Dugan, ,1. Manning, T. McDonough, C. 
Gibbs, C. Sozio, B. Dutra, R. Wheaton, K. McKay, 
A. Ferrari, J. Regan, J. Tazioli, S. Glynn, L. Kelly, 
C. Sozio, S. Bcllavance, S. Bigwood, B. Stewart, L. 

First row: D. Rocll, T. Messier, A. Flynn, J. Rodgers, 
E. Cunningham, D. Peterson, A. Roberti, N. Terry, 
M. DiPersio, K. Dowler. Second row: T. Fisk, D. 
Smith, K. Bankstun, K. Crouch, D. Pell, T. , 
. White, S. Cotter, ,1. Brown, J. Giampetro, D. Fair- 
bank, J. Lovell, K. Moniz, L. Markhard, V. Finerty. 
Third row: K. Daniels, , L. Hill, N. Ruhl, A. Gaff- 

First row: J. Lombard, T. Kelley, C. Sozio, L. 
Cook, S. Bcllavance, B. Dutra, B. Thurston, D. 
Roell, M. McCanless. Second row: C. Ewer, J. 
Olson, L. Booras, T. Messier, K. Fowler, J. 
Wook, J, Briggs, C. Cousins, W. Power, M. 
Myers, K. Bankston, K. Crouch, S. Sweeney. 
Third row: S. Bigwood, C. Gibbs, K. Moniz, 

C. Sozio, M. Burt, M. Maito, K. L. Kelley, 

D. Mitchelson, L. Gonzales. 



Juniors . . . 

First row: L. Gage, J. Guilmette, C. Gelson, M. Lucier, P. Crowell, S. Dolan, M. Fagnant. Second row: S. Scovill. C. Freitas, L. Gooding. 
J. Roza. K. Hutchinson, N. Sozdo, R. Willettc. J Borgcson. 1.. Tilley. M. Thurston. Third row: G. Cicorgc, T. Cook. B. Stobbart. J. Santos. 
.1. Pagani, M. Avery, D. Campbell, M. Gianfcrantc, B. Howes, .1. l.oftus, F. Alejandro. P. Frieh. Fourth Row: .1. Vermynck. C. Suller. B. 
Sampson, VI. Pell, B. George, L. Willey, V. .lustice, C. Pi/zoti, A. Latham. S. Tazioli, J. Rooney, S. Choate. T. DiPcrsio, .1. Crane. B 


First row: A. Thomas, B. Ambrosino, S. Smith, J. Anderson, C. Gill, J. Peterson. Second row: W. O’Brien, B. Zipay, A. Dinius, J. DeCu- 
bellis, K. Hickey, L. Power, B. Hawes. Third row: J. Eccleston, R. Merritt, S. Buekland, C. Fairneny, J. Olson, K. Hearndon, B. Messier, 
S. Lemieux, B. Walker, S. McArdle, T. Cornman. Fourth row: C. Smith, R. Gaffney, T. Donovan, R. Earle, B. Fisk. 

First row: K. Dockham, H. Closson, L. Macdonald, P. O'Brien, J. King, A. Flynn, E. Russell, C. Randall, L. Roy, L. Austin, S. McLean. 
Second row: T. Eldridgc, C. Walling, D. Fonseca, B. Haynes, V. Friedeborn, B. Melvin, N. Santos, S. Speildenner, A. Rodgers, S. Young. 
Third row: J. Doyle, S. Kazanjian, J. McMahon, 1.. Lamborghini, M. Gambaro, E. Vigliano, P. Cook, M. Ferrick, J. Jones, A. Cjaffney. 
Fourth row: E. Milroy, R. Gallerani, D. Thomas. 

Bobbie Lee Abreu 


Live each day to its fullest, for tomorrow may not come. 

Likes: being with a certain someone!, Chinese restaurant, peach brandy with Rod at C. C. H., with 

the gang, my TALL sister Cheryl, party partner Jerry, Goliath, ice cream cones, Mattapoisett! (playhouse), 
Aug. 30, 1978, Wimpy’s party !!?, Holly’s party, good times with Verne!!, talks with Tony, Mrs. Open, 
listening to Mike’s philosophy?!!!, few beers with Rod, dreams, graduation, my big brother (D. W.), state 
truck, GO FOR IT!!!! 

Dislikes; school, two-faced and phony people!, having TOO many, nags, sometimes motorcycles, people who 
use people, being depressed, being away from the person you care for most, boredom, loneliness. 

Most Frequently Found: with Mike or in Lakewood Hills. 

Dream: to someday reunite with my family, to someday live in a log cabin miles and miles from anywhere, and 
live happily with a special person; to make just enough money to get by without working my life away. 

Sharon Anne Alvezi 

Likes: Big Macs, Bob Seger, summer of ’75, Sandy Neck, Saturday Night Live, beer, Mork, lobsters. Bob Dy- 
lan, cheeseburgers and french fries. Corvettes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rod Stewart. 

Dislikes: SCHOOL, 10-14-78, sunburns, vegetables, skipping school and getting caught, the CLICK. 

Sherry L. Ames Shrimp, Sher, Lou 

Mem’ries light the corners of my mind. 

Misty water-color mem’ries of the way we were. 

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind. 

Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. 

Marvin Hamlisch 

Likes: FLORIDA, SBBC, SPRINGFIELD, 1/19/77, parades, friends, Angela, Marsha, Alice, Lisa, Cindy 
Ann, Avon, Barny, Speedy, my cousin Jackie, my family, animals, Billy, David, Glenn, my bro Tim, Mama 
and Papa Burke, trips, Mr, Heywood, javelins, four wheel drive trucks, blue, 11/18/78, 11/19/78, Gina. 
Dislikes: 5/19/78, fights, cold, cleaning my room or the house, getting up in the morning, extremely hot days. 
Most Frequently Found: bandroom, SMR, with friends, or with a baton. 

Dream: to be happy, become a vet’s assistant, do some accounting, and live my life to the fullest. 

David John Anderson Babone 

Every night I just want to go out, get out of my head. 

Every day 1 don’t want to get up, get out of my bed. 

Likes: skiing, sleeping, snow. Gold, SCHMELLPININK, SGURD, one hitters, a nice warm bed, Eord pick- 
ups, tea, wild women, and always R. W., T. C., Defe, Fartsy, N. H., P. C., and my best friend Don Allen. 
Most Frequently Found: rotting in class. 

Dream: to be the last man on earth. 

Janice Hope Anderson 


I’d like to be 
under the sea, 
in an octopus’ garden, 
in the shade. 

The Beatles 

Likes: the Heineken effect, the beach, my friends, full moons, skipping school on Mon., Wed., or Thurs., music, 
having a car, bongs, meteor showers, Mr. Halvorson's class, escaping, toots, 450 SL’s, Sutton, skywatch- 
ing, roses, 11-27-78 through 12-10-78. 

Dislikes: working, waiting, 7:00 A M., getting caught, hangovers, no doobs, jealousy, curfews, bad attitudes, 
term papers, warnings, the cold, cloudy days, mass quantities of macaroni and cheese and pizza. 

Most Frequently Found: at the boardwalk the beach, or my brother’s house. 

Dream: to be remembered ... to see as much as I can. 

Elnorma Theresa Baptiste Ellie 

The best in this kind are but shadows, and the worst are no worse if imagination amend them. 

William Shakespeare 

Likes: M.M., pizza, icecream, basketball. Red Sox, soccer, Mrs. Huff, short people, miniature things, row- 
dies, Boston, dancing, August 6, 1978, the Beatles, my family, autumn colors. Carmen, Dawn, my brothers, 
sunset in the fall, Christmas, “Joe”, stamp collecting, the Caribbean, B.B., painting, Polish jokes, funny 
people, S.H.S., weekends, roller skating, N.Y., traveling, being honest, swimming, Springfield expo, disco, 
Billy Joel, surprises, Italian foods, making friends, blue, all my friends at home, DAN HILL, the B’s, Tip 

Dislikes: SNOBS, spinach. NAUSET, being disappointed, winter, noisy people, school lunches, good byes, 
the Yankees, being sick, LOS MACHOS. 

Most Frequently Found: at home. 

Dream: to be a nurse. 

Lisa Michelle Barr 

Bring my dreams to me 
Bring them from the darkness 

Let the minutes and hours show my mind strange new flowers 
But I’d like to know where they go when the morning comes . . . 
Bring my dreams to me 

Nancy Beltrame Priscilla 

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is only a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 

Langston Hughes 

Likes: concerts, summer of ’75, M.G.’s, the blue rat, Kahlua, dobbies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx, laughing, going 
spastic, wild and crazy days, summer of ’78, old school, Sue’s pool, astronomy class, Smirnoffs. 

Dislikes: S.H.S., waiting, rainy days, bakery, suspension, nothing to do, science movies. 

Most Frequently Found: on Pluto. 

Dream: to be happy. 

Jackson Browne 

Likes: children, lemon yogurt, J.T., Jontue, Sylvia Plath, nutmeg, opals. JACKSON BROWNE, blue roses, 
Hepburn and Tracy, 8-16-78, English ivy, sleeping in, almonds, roller coasters, Gatsby's smile, waterfalls, 
Philadelphia, hot cocoa, birthdays, Audis, Jim Croce, coconut lifesavers, silver birches, “true love’’, Billy 
Joel, satire, silk shirts, Joanie Caucus, sa vo/r-fa/Ve, cheescake, “The Pretender", the Glass family, snowflakes, 
smiles, kittens, Ziggy, mist, “All I Know”, white chocolate, crescent moons, sandcastles, Loggins and Messina, 
a pples, eyelet lace, soccer and baseball games, Taylor Caldwell, “Our Town", memories, Gregory Peck, foreign 
accents, “Rock Me on the Water", gummy bears, Simon and Garfunkel, trying to ski, “Weekend Update", the 
Beatles, my family and friends. Perry’s letters, “The Graduate", people who fight windmills, Alan Alda, soli- 
tude, skylights, happy endings. 

Dream: to reach for the golden ring . 

Stephen E. Besso 

Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. 

Led Zeppelin 

Likes: leaving S.H.S., L.B., Brewskies, fishing, making money, a good party, hard work, hunting, a car that 
runs, boats, Infa Red, traveling, winning. 

Dislikes: snobs, B. people, pollution, crowded cities, hard guys, liver, tight pocketed people, people that can’t 
hack it, being accused and hassled. 

Most Frequently Found: where the action is. 

Dream: to get my own fishing boat and my own business. 

Carol Jean Brackett 

What was, is, what will be. 

What has been done is what will be done. 

And there is nothing new under the sun. 

Likes: noodles, art, music, Sheila and Sim, photography, clay, the beach, clouds, sunny warm days, week- 
ends, my family. Sprite, Ma’s cooking, green. Steely Dan, Yes, fireworks, Kahlua, Pina Coladas, smiles, 
Lynyrd, my friends, sunsets, monsters, Christmas, autumn foliage, Springfield, money, trees. Max, trivia. 
Dislikes: arguments, beards, winter, rain, secrets, stairs, time, waiting, disco, silence, school buses, Buzzy's 
lighter, jealousy, bugs, birds, getting up early, owing, telephones. Shadow's spelling crickets. 

Most Frequently Found: anywhere. 

Dream: to be happy. 

Frank W. Bridges Crazyman 

Today is today, tomorrow will be tomorrow. 

Likes: Oldsmobile Cutlass, Sandy Neck Beach, Fat Herby, beer. Miller, summer of '75, Main Street in Hyan- 
nis, making death, Brawning, fishing, beach parties, beating Hornets, smoke shows, Vermont, skiing, Brock- 
ton girls, fast cars, convertibles, Maine. 

Dislikes: Sandwich Police Department, close of death season, no money, my senior English teacher, burnouts, 
pigs, blue lights. 

Most Frequently Found: out partying. 

Dream: Massachusetts Maritime Academy. 

Matthew John Bridges Matt, Bridge 


William Sangster 

Likes: #3, soccer, Mr. Evans, hockey, Mr. Norton, baseball, Mr. "G", tennis, Mr. “T", family, GR.AMPS, 
summertime, meeting people, Mai and Ferachi, P.P.P. incident, all the good times we had, Mr. Sangster 
and everything he has done for me, Jackie B., K.H., T.D., C.S., J.M., Big “W”, Jackson Browne, Aero- 
smith, Led Zeppelin, S.T.H., beating Nauset, carrying on the tradition, Billy E., Woody, friends, living on 
the beach, V.S.R.’s, E. Sandwich Beach, going to “G.”s after beating Nauset, Sandy Neck, all the good 
times at S.H.S., all the goods bets with Artie, being ref, trip to Castleton, California kids, having a car, 
water skiing, my Boston Whaler, bonfires, 4x4’s, Josh. 

Dislikes: Nauset, Harwich, getting up early, losing, two-faced people, people who lie, having bad ankles and 
knees, taking S.A.T.'s, English 12, FOURTH OF JULY, fighting, having no money, end of ninth grade, 
Spanish, snobs, killerdrill, school lunches, waiting, seeing, the result of the P.P.P., car trouble. 

Most Frequently Found: on the ice, out on the stone pit, or any other place where there is a sporting event. 

Dream: to become a phys. ed. teacher, or an athletic trainer, and come back to S.H.S. to work. 

Cynthia Anne Broder 






I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; 
in the night also my heart instructs me. 

I keep the Lord always before me; 
because he is at my right hand, 

1 shall not be moved. 

Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices; 
my body also dwells secure. 

Thou dost show me the path of life; 
in thy presence there is fullness of joy, 
in thy right hand are pleasures for evermore. 

Psalms 16 

Likes: family, friends, playing the guitar, L.C.M., summer of ’78, 11-19-77, 11-26-77, mountain climbing, 
camping, the ocean, the fall, playing in the snow, mint chip icecream, toasting marshmallows, chorus, having 
my license, mornings in the library, Friday and Saturday night PAW meeting. 

Dislikes: waiting for the bus in the freezing cold, loneliness, hypocrites, disrespect for authority, seeing people 

Dream; to achieve success by following the three harbor lights. 

Jacqueline Lee Brule Jackie 

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. 

An everlasting vision, of the everchanging view, 

A wond’rous woven magic, in bits of blue and gold, 

A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold. 

Carole King 

Likes: Rick M., my family, June 10, friends, skiing, the beach, staying up until 4:00 a.m., B.&P., horseback 
riding, R.&P., misty summer nights, full moons, Nov. 2, M&M., M. B., both proms, J.&D., together, bon- 
fires, concerts, R.&C., pearls, spring, fights at F.&G., Stonehill College, cats, Florida, Mrs. Huff, Seals and 
Crofts and concert afterwards, the circle, palm trees, vacations, nights in the grey Falcon, dds with David and 
Jane, N.Y.C., camp, dreams, C.F.G., Montreal, the ski trip the click went on?, Chris and Terry’s 

Dislikes: cold weather, not getting my own way, worrying, dreary rainy days, being lost, getting in trouble, 

Most Frequently Found: smiling. 

Dream: to become a secretary. 

Linda Ann Buckland 


I have made you neither heavenly or earthly, neither mortal or immortal so that, like a free and sovereign 
artificer, you mold and fashion youself, into that form that you yourself shall have chosen. 

Likes: family and friends, Stephen, Debbie, summers, skating, skiing, laughing, #9, being happy. Salty, Noel, 
Chelsea, “click”, my ’74 vega, being with someone special. The Attic Mystery, clothes, concerts, sports, 
Linda M., C.L., T.B., L.&D.S., Bennie’s pups. Girls State friends, 5/6/78, “Train Kept a Rolling”, Jackson 
Browne, meaningfull words, P-Town with Chris and Marie, B.C. guys, Boston with Gina, Johanna’s, C.S.N. 
concert and Shar’s cottage, old P.J. parties, B.C. soccer games, our class, the ski trip the click went on?, 
“1” S.C., with Chris, R.D., Tiki Port, memories, the rink, hockey games, our class, Springfield, Wolfboro, 
sledding with Gina and Marie, M. and W., Sandy Neck, P.Q. Halloween parties, bonfires, ocean, getting in 
“T” with D., our beach, sunrise, the pub, and life. 

Dislikes: being pinched, crying, lies, promises never kept, waiting, phony people, getting my picture taken, 
fights, fat, cranky people, big feet, S.A.T.’s, horse show, flies, S.N.E., a certain Chinese waiter, bad moods 
and being sad. 

Most Frequently Found: in my ’74 Vega 

Dream: to be happy and successful in anything I do. 

Deborah Joy Burke Debbi 

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 

Matthew 6:33 

Likes: smiles, music, purple, m&ms, ’57 chevys, the Alliance Academy, high shoes, Quito, Equador, roses, 
walking in the snow, laughing, carnations, heavenly hash ice cream, S.S.C.F., Cedarvillc, chocolate, ping 
pong, “Grease”, Kevin Bell, being different sometimes, grand pianos, Sammy Hall, Evie, all of our “family”, 
Esmeraldes, Foxboro A.Y.F., “playing” soccer, Atacames, skating, Andrae Crouch, climbing mountains, 
hablando Espanol. Sancho de la Carrera, the band and its director, togetherness, knowing Jesus. 

Dislikes: getting up early, being embarrassed, making decisions, running out of time. 

Most Frequently Found: wherever there’s music. 

Dream: to walk as He walked. 


Christopher John Burt 


Torture and pain: 

A sadistic way to gain 
Some hidden information. 

But never did it work. 

With a masochistic jerk 

For here we have a hopeless situation. 

B.E., gym, concerts, sports. Air Force, J.W., Phy- 

Likes: Easton, Oliver Ames, Old Silver Beach, C.S., P.Fl., 

Dislikes: Col. Clark’s driving habits, M.S., boring classes. 
Most Frequently Found: in my mother’s car. 

Dream: to be content with myself and surroundings. 

John Byrne 

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, 
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. 


Likes: Canadians, city of Montreal, midnight races. Baseball, hockey, soccer. Bruins, Pats, Sox, vacations. 
Dislikes: bus stops, running out of gas, moving, early practices, Southshore. TOWNE HOUSE, LOSING, 

Most Erequently Found: doing nothing. 

Dream: to live a comfortable life. 

Sandra Campbell Sandy 

A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends 
courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably. 

William Penn 

Likes: David, summertime, the beach, partying, sleeping late, my friends, Doritoes. 
Dislikes: SHS, being hassled, getting up early, liver, nosy people, warm beer. 

Most Frequently Found: with David, everywhere. 

Dream: to be happy and successful. 

Mark Carey 

“Oh, glory be to me,” sighs he. 

“He kaint be drug to death. 

But now I know beyond a doubt 
Them heroes I have read about 
Was only fools that stuck it out 
To the end of mortal breath.” 

Story Poems New and Old 

Likes: French fries, movies, going out Friday night, girls, being a senior, graduating this year, Sandy Neck, 
warm summer days, driving, money, working on cars, 2:15, swimming, going places, vacations, music, half 

Dislikes: rain, getting siek, school lunches, eating last lunch, summer traffic, getting up for school, English, 
homework, midterms, final exams. 

Most Erequently Found: with Joe and Bob in Hyannis. 

Dream: to live a good long life. 


David Francis Phillip Carr 

Dave, Carr, Hon 

Shower the people you love with love. 

Show them the way that you feel. 

Things are going to be much better if you only will. 

James Taylor 

Likes: wintertime, skiing, Toyota Celica GT's, Pintos, food, S.L.S. (Wimpy), playing my guitar, James Taylor, 
summertime, parties,beaches, Jethro Tull, smoking, M.D., Catcher in the Rye, music, Eddie's guitar. Jack- 
son Browne, full moons, Jefferson Starship, sunshine, good movies. New York City, CSN&Y, S.M., Mr. 
T., The Clipper, Chinese food. Eagles. 

Dislikes: stuck-up people, T.M., S.P.D., green Pintos, people who fight for no reason. Jack D., everything 
going wrong, getting caught, people who think they can play the piano!!, (Wimpy’s goofy voiee), bad money 
situations, D.W., suspension hall. 

Most Frequently Found: with Sharon, in the bandroom with my guitar, smoking room. 

Dream: to become a famous musical recording star. 

Thomas Joseph Choate T.C. 

If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? I must be traveling on now because there are too many 

places I have not seen. I’m as free as a bird now. 

Likes: “SKIING”, powerlining, 4 wheeling, HEINEKEN, southern and skiing, snowshoeing at the camp, 
TRAVELING, George, SCHIMMELPENNINCK, clambakes, gooting, the busy crew, working with Pops, 
WBCN, metal shop, the beach, visiting D A. in New Hampshire, P.B.J.’s and 5 gallons of H20, HUGE 
HILLS, Sugarloaf, cruising in the scoop de ville with Bone Head, Mr. Murphy’s chicken, watching Megan 
light gas stoves. Snort’s van, going Chinese, sleep, high speeds, FRENCH FOX HORNS, GULLY LANE, 
SNOW, Pond hockey, sailing, 1:26, Eisher’s, Nastygansets, taking out Jay’s boat, autumn, 4 way street, 

Dislikes: D.E.M.’s, green doors, geometry, getting caught, no money, over heating in Mashpee, 151 and egg- 
nog, Ruffles, GAYLOR, no transportaion, no wind, the system, nukes, cold ears, 1st period chemistry, Mr. 
Ed, SPD, 10/26/76, HOMEWORK, seeds, 7:50, having a rough day at Pat’s Peak, Broken skies, getting 
beat by Babone, Sloches. 

Dream: to be the best at what I do and be happy doing it. 

Brian David Cook Cookie 

Quit leaving me in suspenders. 

Likes: Suzanne, together families, hunting, cars, the number 18, going out, ’69 Custom S’s, D.L., prime rib, 
football, water skiing, seniority, money, leaving school early, snowstorms. Miller, food, payday, fishing, 
KAHLUA, auto body, automotive, thinking ahead, organization, having fun, Coneheads, a good movie, 
death squad, the north country, and Rasputin. 

Dislikes: S.P.D., DIRTY HANDS, not havin enough money, burnouts, pinheads. Calculus, English 12, rotted 
cars, slow drivers, arguments, jock lovers, going out only one night a week, nobody home, skunky beer, 
onions, being hassled, getting teased, .sqeaky doors, bad reception, humid weather, the prom of ’78. 

Most Frequently Found: with Suzanne or working on somebody’s car. 

Dream: to someday open my own auto body business, settle down, and have a great life. 

Martha Mary Cook Marty, Big Spender 

Please come to L.A. to live forever, 

A California life alone is just too hard to build 

I’ll live in a house that looks out over the ocean 

And there’s some stars that fell from the sky that live upon the hill 

Please come to L.A. . . . 

Dave Loggins 

Likes: LOS ANGELES, an occasional drink, hitting my typewriter, Jenifer, GIRAFFES, being independent. 
Megaman, San Francisco, my parents and everything they’ve done for me, CLICK, “Kilo and Ed", summer- 
time, being alone, crying alone, being held, dreams, N.Y.C., actors, sleepless nights, one-night stands, beach 
parties and bonfires, Lynn, bra ineident (Sally), MRS. PALMER (thank you!), friends and relatives, “Some 
Day You’ll Understand” and “Letting Go”, Jackie, David S., California Coastal Highway #1, R.R., Mrs. 
DeLacy, Herman Munster, Sharon’s beach, My Toyota, the only one 1 never got, Mrs. Pearson, flying high, 
mfp, MSP, tacos (lost count Jen), movin’ on, 4-wheelin’, H D.E. and soccer, $40 dinners, the first time, 
the prom, and coming home again. 

Dislikes: my bad memory, my adolescent tears, my other bad memory, not being good enough. BEES, house- 
work, adults who think they’ve been there, the people who never tried to understand. 

Most Frequently Found: at a beach parly or around. 

Dream: to live in Los Angeles until it’s done, and never feel the earth move under my feet. 


Jerry Lee Corbett Corbs, Jerry 

1 do my thing, and you do your thing . . . 

I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations . . . 

And you are not in this world to live up to mine . . . 

You are you and I am I . . . 

And if by chance we find each other . . . 

It’s beautiful . . . 

Frederick S. Peris 

Likes: Mom, fast cars, everybody, partying, Leslie, S B., B.C., Maine, Boston, L.M., C.R., The Best of 
Bread, L.R., happy people, Coors, Riunite, Chevies, 1/29/61, Chris. 

Dislikes: being hated, S.P.D., S.H.S., getting busted, accidents with PAUL BRENNAN, warm beer, 
snobby girls, downs, breaking up with L.C., D M., S.B., L.R., C.A., etc., goodbyes. 

Most Frequently Found: with girls. Snake Pond, partying. 

Dream: to graduate. 

Daphne Ann Cornman Daph, Mom 

All things work out for the good for those who love the Lord! 

Romans 8:28 

The grace of our Lord Jesue Christ be with you all. 

Revelation 22:21 

Likes: close friends, Cedarville, my family, sports. Town Beach (summer ’78), boardwalk, eating, doing crazy 
things (Chinese fire drills), mushroom pizzas, yellow, my little cousin, animals, the rain, little kids, feeling 
of success, TikiPort (tea), being peaceful, being with my friends. 

Dislikes: writing, lab reports, (right Mr. Campbell!), forgetting things, seeing people unhappy, people leaving, 
having to say goodbye. 

Most Frequently Found: on the courts or fields, with my friends, or Tom’s Pizza House. 

Jeffrey E. Cooper Coop 

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven . . . 

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from 

embracing . . . 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ,5 

Likes: my family, Jen, baseball and soccer, beating Nauset, winning championships, girls, Sandy Neck, 
beach parties, Friday nights, weekends and vacations, going to rock concerts, music (Bread, Eagles, 
Aerosmith, Boston, Steve Miller Band, B.T.O.), Tiki Port and $40 dinners I think!, my Vanega, Springfield, 
weekend at Castleton, Firebirds, Trans Am, Vettes, Custom-S’s, my friends (M.C., D.K., B.C., Zero, my 
teammates, and whoever else). 

Dislikes: losing to Nauset, Donahue, 12/9/77, homework, having to get around without my car, English, 
physics, report cards, people bugging me, S.A.T’s, stumb people. 

Most Frequently Found: in a game (baseball or soccer). 

Dream: to go to college, get married, and have a family. 

Cynthia A. Correia Cindy 

To see a world in a grain of sand 
and a heaven in a wild flower, 
hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
and eternity in an hour. 

William Blake 

Likes: FLORIDA, the beach weekends, my family, N.Y., majorettes, N.H., mountains, driving, ski show 
78, Hyannisport, Nibenshaboy, dancing, Springfield Exposition, summer of ’77 and ’78, Monte Carlo, 
Mrs. Huff, Mr. Heywood, Little House, my Chevy, kids, Bobby & Dennis, work (sometimes), Boston, 
buying clothes, apricots, money, Tigger, Sandwich, Shimoko and the others, being a senior, yellow, 
rainbows, A.O., ice cream, ALL MY FRIENDS, graduating. Half "T”. 

Dislikes: railroad tracks, being tired, being late, getting caught, English, algebra, red Vette, HOSPITALS, 
FROGS and anything else that’s slimy, death, CLIQUES, getting sick, GYM, babysitting. 

Most Frequently Found: in Hyannis & East Sandwich. 

Dream: to live in the mountains. 


Tammie Cremeans 

You know what? I don’t know what you know. 

Likes: parties, summer of ’78, dirty birds, concerts, Trans Ams, snow (both kinds), shop, roses, steak, leaving 
school at 12:30, money, doobies, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, July 17, 1978. 

Dislikes: school, rainy days, being without money, not having a car, work, school lunches, snobs, court, S.P.D., 

Most Frequently Found: in the smoking room, with a doobe in my hand. 

Dream: to live a long, happy, and healthy life. 

Lisa Eileen Davis 

For the ones who had a notion 

A notion deep inside 

That it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive 

I wanna find one face that ain’t looking through me 

I wanna find one place 

I wanna spit in the face of these badlands. 

Bruce Springsteen 

Likes: certain smiles, the ocean, a good buzz-on, poetry, foggy days. Bob Seger, sunrises, Laconia, summer, gas 
masks, Hagatha and the Heathens, Boston, spring flowers, N.H., adventures, unicorns, long white lines, 
sleeping late, weekends, concerts, butterflies, cheese, dreamers, writing, sandalwood, full moons, star 

Dislikes: S.H.S., boredom, in-school suspension, algebra, flat tires, 7/27/77, Syracuse, Blue Label, feeling 
confined, being cold, small town hypocrisies, assistant principals, Ted Nugent, no tunes, the end corner 
of a bag, routine, coughing, invoices. 

Most Frequently Found: wherever. 

Dream: to be a sociologist, and own a Rolls Royce. 

Chris Dean Otter 

Don’t look back-a new day is breakin’ 

It’s been too long since I felt this way 
I don’t mind where I get taken 
The road is callin’-today is the day. 

Likes: Indiana, full gas tanks, ’76 Toyotas, ’72 TR-6, Jean W., cold beer, warm nights, fires in fireplaces. 
Main Street Hyannis, Strawberry Hill Road, Bill D., Audrey L., quick cars, Aug. 15, 1978, Sandy Neck, 
good football games. East Sandwich Beach, goin’ out, gettin’ rowdy with the rowdies, turnin’ 18, buying 
cars and fixing them, S.H.S. senior class, goin’ to the movies, passing classes, Friday nites, Saturday 
mornings, sleeping late, B.C., R.P., J.G., F.B., R.S.,, D.S., having a fat wallet, a clean car, Italian food, 
or just food, buying albums, having a decent stereo and listening to it, spending as much time as possible 
with J.W., being with friends, some teachers, having beach parties, or just plain parties. Automotive class 
(the teacher too), being late and leaving early or not coming, having a hell of a time. 

Dislikes: runnin’ on empty, rainy Sundays, problems with my car. Officer P., hassles, gettin’ demerits, long 
period, August 31, 1978, having a cold on a sunny day. Labor Day weekend, having to say no when you 
mean yes, some teachers, bad letters, losing or sometimes winning, not knowing what is wrong with my car, 
losing a bet, being arrested, leaving Indiana, being hassled by people, very hot days, very cold days, being 
frustrated, being broke, being used, burnouts, Nov. I, boring football and hockey games. 

Marie DeConto M-, Ma 

One last time sing 
that old song 
We used to know 
But this time sing 
A little more slowly. 

Dan Fogelberg 

Likes: “Stairway to Heaven”, P S. Thomas, weekends in N IL, skiing, Jessica, Mrs. C., F. Sandwich Beach, 
Cindy and Richard, times with the “Click", C. and “our house”, l,oon Mt., the duck pond, my family, 
M.F., G.M.C., Dan Fogelberg, Fric(M.S.), soccer season ’76, H.F., junior prom. Sept. 30, Toad Acres, 
waterskiing, parties, P-town with C, and L., canoeing, camping C.F., 1/13/68-1/16/78, softball, Vt. and 
Me., New Year’s weekend ’78, ginger ale, “frisbces", 8/11/78, Dale’s trumpet-playing. Groundhog, the 
Pub, the ski trip we all went on? Mibi, smiles, shuffles and winks, b’hopping with C., Chinese food, driving 
on Sandy Neck, S.W P., my cat. Stranger and Remus, concerts, B K.’s, Billy Joel, cheeseburger subs, 
8/19/78, friends, George, warm eyes, holding hands. 

Dislikes: waiting, FLIES, too much dependency, ugly, B O.S.C.’s, no music, jagged pieces, no license, 
“terminal cool", alcoholics, what to do? .Say?, loo much, goodbyes. 

Dream: “to hang on till tomorrow . . .’’ 


T. Sylvester Dickerson 
Freak out . . . 

Likes: football, basketball, pretty girls, boxing, track, soul food and Celicas 
Dislikes: golf, walking, hitch-hiking, and people who think they’re tough. 
Most Frequently Found: in the gym. 

Dream: to be a military policeman. 

Leslie Cheryl DeGraw 

We'll go dancing in the dark 
Walking through the park 
And reminiscing. 

Little River Band 

Likes: snow skiing, tacos, ALASKA, Peters Ponders, traveling, Jan. ’79, 10-28-78, snorkling at night. 
Saddleback, P.J., Paul, Karen, Kathy, Bernadette, Steve, T.O.,N.B., EOFPPP, Timothy, summer, BRATS. 
Dislikes: the wind, hospitals, doctors, Atahashs. 

Most Frequently Found: off the Cape. 

Dream: for my dream to come true. 

Arthur Joseph Dolan Hojo, Artie the Greek 

Storm the walls around this prison, leave the inmates, free the guards, deal me up another future from some 

brand new deck of cards. 

Likes: a party without cops, good tunes. Sox, Bruins, most teachers, tunafishing, skiing, Halloween egg fights, 
no school, Pats and Celts, dogs, family, all my friends in Hanson and Sandwich, June 4, Bob Seger, Al 
Stewart, beating Nauset, Shawme Pond hockey games, watching sports, ice hockey, bcttingfexcept with 
Howie), Danny’s cage parties, an occasional cold beer. Ceils, Eagles, rock concerts. Cape Cod, crusin’ 
New Hampshire, ice hockey. Loon Mountain, soccer games, skiing with Earlesy, money, motorcycles 
(sometimes). Coach G, and baseball, Jackson Browne. 

Dislikes: EILES, anything to do with New York, warm beer, disco, Teddy’s bartending, losing bets, 
broken hockey sticks, Pete Rose, Donahue and Nauset, Mr. Fenton’s Flyers, YANKEES, Howard Cosell, 
playing football with Rodney W., getting caught, riding on a snowmobile with Earlesy, Mickey Rivers, 
most Sandwich cops, Joe Garagiola, liver, referees in any sport, Adolph Hitler, hockey and skiing seasons 
at the same time. Coach Norton’s killers, running, Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, swimming in cold 
water, tickets, winter without snow. 

Most Frequently Found: making a bet around town! 

Dream: to be a millionaire, ski every mountain in the country, and have a damn good life! 

Patrick F. Dowler 

Sticks and stones WILL break my bones. 

Likes: Mopars 440, Chevies, beer, girls, going to the drags, traveling, camping, parties, Plymouth, all 
my friends. 

Dislikes: broken arms, S.P.D., Fords, school, snobs, blown engines. 

Most Frequently Found: in my car, Plymouth, l.akewood Hills. 

Dream: to own a Corvette. 

Robert Eccleston 

Bud, Bob 

Here’s to those 
Who wishes well 
And those who don't 
Can go to hell! 

Likes: dances, typing, money, tennis, pizza, clothes, good-looking girls, cigars, my truck. 
Dislikes: long periods, boring teachers, Mondays, snobs, tests, S.A.T.’s, tall girls. 

Most Frequently Found: waxing my truck. 

Dream: electrical engineer. 

2835 Christina Z. Fairbank 

Life is all playtime. 




£ A 

Likes: Boston, parties, Apple, jazz, Phred and all them, my not my sister, papaya, PINO’S, Gallatin Mts., 
skiing, sailing, meadows, Victorian houses, yoga. Cape beaches, metals, yellow legs, street crazies, subway 
stations (esp. Washington St.), lobster, cats, roller skating, clay, creating, Fiji’s, M.M. Hell yes!, magenta, 
snirting, multipbblblblblblble/Debmahja, Verry silly in the face of- Doom, feeling good, H.L., Ultimate. 

Dislikes: NUKES, pigs, demerits, rules, getting up in the morning, not being mobile, W.W., polyester and 
rayon, split ends. Cape radio, doing elephants, making decisions, thunder thighs, snowmobiles, buses, wolf 
haters, having no money. 

Most Frequently Found: far away. 

Dream: to cruise to tropical corners of the earth and beyond. 

Robert E. Ferrari Frach 

Life can be so rough. 


Likes: Mai and Bridge, fat toes, sleeping, eating, Cadillacs, Busch, C.H., Travolta, myself. Bob and Carol, 
Dan, flirting. 

Dislikes: first period English, the P.P.P. incident, starvation, school, working, the Toad, tests, snobs. 

Most Frequently Found: with Mai and Bridge. 

Dream: to be successful. 

Jane F. Ferrick Jane, Janey, Janie 

Blessed is the man who does not guide his steps by ill counsel. 

Or turn aside where sinners walk, or, where scornful souls gather, sit down to rest; 

The man whose heart is set on the lawn of the Lord, on that, day and night, his thoughts still dwell. 

Likes: diet Pepsi, Fresca, mashed potatoes, vegetables, soft rock, french fries, junk food, mysteries, love 
stories, friends 5-13-78, 12/25, Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduation day. 

Dislikes: carrots, zucchini, harmful things (drugs, school, school books, five-day rule, time between periods, 
some gym classes, fighting with my family. 

Most Frequently Found: at home. 

Dream: to be a dental hygienist. 


Michael Patrick Finerty 

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. 


Likes: Floneybunny, the beach, good friends, snow, soccer, the stone pit, December, jet skiing, Fleetwood Mac, 
hunting, fishing. Red Sox, Bruins, 7, beating Nauset, summer nights, my secret spot, deer, April 1977, 
convertibles, pizza, blue-eyed blonds, 10, Kitty. 

Dislikes; nothing to do, motorheads, Stoughton, Nauset, Jack Donahue, Cape Cod Times, Fliggens, long trips, 
losing. Physics, high tide, getting up early, C.Y., M.M., A.D., burnouts, Greek tankers. 

Dream: college. 

Mark E. Fitzpatrick Fitz, Fritz 

You’ll never find your gold on a sandy beach. 

You’ll never drill for oil on a city street. 

I know you’re looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks. 

But there ain’t no Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of a 
Cracker jack box. 

Meat Loaf 

Likes: Mr. Fenton’s class, history, radio, TV, music, WSDFI (at times), the new leader, N.Y.C., long trips, 
Ireland, 2/14/77, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Hickey’s ties, chemistry, being on the air. 

Dislikes: B.L.M., not being on the air, FM radio, people who stare at you, no $, school food, math class, 3/1 /77, 
the King, long bus rides. 

Most Frequently Found: in any radio station. 

Dream: to be a disc Jockey. 

Darlene C. Fournier Deedee 

See you on the dark side of the moon. 

Pink Floyd 

Likes; summer of ’77, my family, parties, good tunes, Sandy Neck Beach, good doobies, my friends, C.O., T.R., 
J.C., L.W., J.G., M.J., E.H., T.S., riding around, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, sleeping late. Mustangs, 
Yarmouth, Al, Genesis, Mr. Halvorson, Mr. Murphy, blue, Mike’s van, Springfield, Olson family, Betsy and 
Katie, Sea Gull Beach, August 7, tea, Tina, Gibba, Rodney, concerts. Bob Seger, diamonds, animals, 
shop class, Boz Scaggs concert, hockey, soccer, Chinese food, beer. Jewelry, crazy people. 

Dislikes: S.H.S., S.P.D., spiders, snobs, coffee, not having cigarettes, accidents, NARCS, no $, waiting around, 
getting up early, being yelled at, gym, motorcycles, school rules, bees, forgetting, colds. 

Most Frequently Found: here, there and everywhere. 

Dream: to travel. 

Mark Frank Marco, Frankie 

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it. 

George Bernard Shaw 

Likes: YOU, lollipops, old friends, new acquaintances, S.H.S., P.H.S., King, band, bus rides from games, 
Chinese food, hoop, soccer, #22, Nice, Monty Python, 62, cheeks, Rasputin, advice, 007 movies, M.D., 
Boston, hockey games, wild and crazy guys, S.M., Hi y’all, bells, the “boat”, mellow music, “Reminiscing”. 
Dislikes: technical fouls, Nauset, suicides, Doug Peters, F=ma, snobs, P-town and Bourne gyms, feeling sorry 
for oneself, dishes, being set-up, yellow cards, getting up early, I -0 loss, being late for deadlines, 
Most Frequently Found: in the gym or the “boat”. 

Dream: to go to college and be happy and successful. 


Christina Ann Gagnon 

Don’t give up until you drink from a silver cup and ride that highway in the sky. 


Susan Marie Gee Susie 

All men have stars . . . 

But they are not the same thing for different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others, 
who are scholars, they are problems. For some, they are no more than little lights in the sky. But all these stars 
are silent. You alone will have the stars as no one else has them. 

The Little Prince 

Likes: family, friends, reunions, parties, dancing, discotheques. Bozo and Stretch, “talking". Mazda RX7, 
Knights, Tavares, “GUIDING STAR”, skiing, basketball, volleyball, tournaments, pinball. The “Bubble", 
Toronto, vacations, the sunrise, beaches, the HUB, B.L.A., 6A' , memories, Boston skyline, penthouses, 
weebles, stuffed animals, panda bears, seafood, Pino's pizza, fruit, yellow, J.S.’s grape juice, 
surprises, summer of ’76, Hermie, 8-26, “Weekend in New England”, babies, true?, stars, . . . KENNY. 
Dislikes: being called Scruffy, snobs, misinterpretations, cliques, gym, Monday mornings, S.A.T.’s, oral 
reports, taking pictures, gloomy days, depression, meat, warm milk, derivatives, Murphy’s quote “en 
francais”, “ASDF JKL;", the last days of summer, good-byes. 

Most Frequently found: in Boston. 

Dream: to always enjoy life for each day that comes. 

Joseph M. Gelson Mope 

Every Saturday night I let the fever grow. 

All revved up and no place to go. 

Meat Loaf 

Likes: LISA, Oct. 23, first weekend in May, Torinos, bowling, fishing, hunting, hockey, Capt. Bob Fenton, 
4x4’s, DEATH SQUAD, soccer. Auto I, Bondo, body work, parking, Sandy Neck, Western rims with Grand 
Prix’s, motor heads, Custom-S, Cutlass-S, Fat Herbie, parties. Millers, Hinies, Hcffs, Molsons, Remington 
pumps, having a great time. Navy, Remember that first Goodbye, Eagles, Deep Purple, Meat Loaf, Boston, 
Zeppelin, Exile. 

Dislikes: long goodbyes, May3, 1979, having no money or gas, scruzies, burnouts, F.R., sumos, pinheads, 
AMC’s worthless arguments, S.H.S., blowouts, BLOWN TRANS., tuna boxes, missing an easy shot, 

Most Frequently Found: with Lisa, or under a Torino replacing another part. 

Dream: to go into the Navy for three years, settle down and get married, and lead a happy life; also to pay 
Mrs. Belliveau her five dollars. 

Likes: horseback riding, skiing, Marie and “Our House”, C.G. and P.G.’s, D.D. and the “acres”, M.’s driveway, 
staying at Sandra’s, driving, summer ’77, motorcycles, the beach, T.S.’s, F. and G.’s, Good Times and B. face, 
the drive to Stonehill, “loud” discussions with M. after b’hopping. Good Times with the “Click”, senior 
class parties. Rod Stewart, S B., R.W., and E.M., the Pub, junior prom, C.S.N. concert and S.P.’s cottage, 
P-town with Linda and Marie, chorus, ski trip and N Y. trip with C.F. and Mrs. Regan, the Capri, Mr. 
Campbell, Mr, Taylor, Mr. Hickey, “Fatty”, my family, Springfield trip, the rink and L.M., having a good 
time, being happy, Mr. Palmer, Puddles, D M. 

Dislikes: hitting Rick’s car, no $, no car, B.O.S.C’s, being unhappy. 

Most Frequently Found: the Capri. 

Dream: to be happy. 

Sarah M. Gallant 

Are you standing in a hole? 

Sam, Bam 

Likes: smiling faces, pretty places, drive-ins of ’77, FM radio, P.J.D., summer of ’78, honesty, Sandy Neck, 
Pontiacs, “Coz”, Chinese food, Lynyrd Skynyrd, friendly people, work, blondes, I /3/78^ dancing, singing, 
clothes, eating, all my friends, Hyannis, “finding the Big Dipper at Sandy Neck”, bowling, U-Mass, 
Plymouth Lake, R.S., B.C., Elaine, good memories. 

Dislikes: fake people, early mornings, school, liars, veggies, headaches, break-ups, fights, sad people, not too 
much more. 

Most Frequently Found: with all my good friends, doing all of our favorite things, at our favorite places. 

Dream: to live a happy and healthy life. 

Crystal Lee Gcitz Geltz 

There are two paths you can go by- 
But in the long run 

There's still time to change the road you’re on. 

Likes: my family, summer, the beach, silver T-birds, blue eyes, motorcycles, ZZ top, gymnastics, parties. 
Dislikes: the system, suspension, gym, limits, winter, not getting my own way, braces, Wolfeboro. 

Most Frequently NOT Found. 

Dream: legal secretary. 

Terri A. Gibbs Gibbie 

Likes: smiles, traveling, being warm, Fleetwood Mac, yellow roses, long walks on the beach, people, horses, 
black panthers, stars, summer, being with someone special, parties, Dobermans, sunsets, babies, plants, 
laughing, dark tans, understanding, honesty, knowing what I want, real friends, photographs, a cold room 
witha warm bed, music, getting a buzz-on, memories of going to the beach with Walter and the gang, 
diamonds, going Chinese with Janice, Oleo and Beetle. 

Dislikes: being alone, waiting, repeating myself, hanging around, people being mad at me, tears, being 
depressed, two-faced people, being hurt, gossip, being cold, working weekends, saying goodbye, my bad 
moods, feeling guilty, “huh?”, forgetting nice things, insecurities, the time Cindy and I got stuck in soft sand, 
S.FI.S. rules, having no money, bees. 

Dream: to live one day at a time. 

Jeanette Elizabeth Gironda Ying-yang 

. . . You can be what you want to. 

And it doesn’t matter who you are. 

It doesn’t matter where you are. 

If you wish upon a star . . . 

Steve Miller 

Likes: Mark Wayne Hague, Helga, my cat, summer of ’78, sunsets, late night phone calls, bicycles-built-for- 
two, blue eyes, Farmington, Maine, flowers, Boz Scaggs, the Bench, poetry, good tunes, true friends, the 
Newmans, the view from Scargo Tower, freedom, stars, windy days, being with Mark, plants, the shed, for 
everyone to be happy and live long. 

Dislikes: 11/17/76, 10/20/78, the Army, sore throats, K.L., cold cars, waiting, 9/11/78, competition, 
society, bad dreams, time, getting caught, good-byes, maybes, fighting with Mark, being lo’st, surprises, 
my senior year at S.H.S., having no smokes, conforming, news, coming back to Sandwich, rude people, 
broken promises, the Sandwich atmosphere, TREES, things that happen for no good reason. 

Most Frequently Found: thinking about Mark. 

Dream: to someday be able to look back at all the crazy things that have happened in my life — and laugh. 

Kevin Charles Glynn Sasquatch 

All that is gold does not glitter. 

Not all those who wander are lost; 

The old that is strong does not wither. 

Deep roots are not reached by the frost. 

J.R.R. Tolkien 

Likes: hoop, soccer. Boys State, The Agency, DS winning, quail. Agent 15, scoring tying baskets, homeruns, 
ELO, ELP, E.S.B. at 2:00 A.M., Inmanism, Bob’s A.P., Cindy, the Beak, T-4, summer ’78. 

Dislikes: BELL’S PALSY, the Fish pier, the nerd, good friends moving, losing. Reds, and the Red Commie 

Most Frequently Found: at Larry’s house. 

Dream: to survive. 


Cynthia Susan Hart 
Dreams, so they say . 

. are for fools who let them drift away. 

Seals and Crofts 

Likes: Camp Lyndon and staff, kids, Chrissy, graphics, art. Art Club and yearbook staff, child development, 
pizza, wine, cashews, snow, jeans, sweatshirts, rootbeer, the first Monday of every session at camp. 
Dislikes: Aug. 6, 1978, yellow Datsun pick-ups, liver, rain, crazy bus drivers, computers, cleaning my room. 
Most Frequently Found: in the yearbook staff room and Camp Lyndon (in the summer). 

Dream: to be the best nursery teacher around. 

Cindy Jean Gourley Cin, Brat 

Fly away, my sweet bird 
over the land 

Take life for all 

the freedom you can. 

Dan Fogelberg 

Likes: rain, sandbars, Jan and Calley, being alone, “pondering", waterskiing, eyes, the pink book, birthstones, 
“Dear Prudence", Florida, concerts. North weekends. Toad Acres, wheat cents, sassafrass, the boardwalk, 
Mrs. R., rainbows, R. S., doodling, bridges, my family, old-time Saturday nights. Papa Gino’s, P. G. Tin 
Can, real friends, laughing, softball, surprises, memories, Tas and Kerm, bonfires, puddles and the van, 
chorus, gummybears, Irish Pub and chums, mac. and cheese, “crying clouds". Monopoly with Caren and 
Bruce, parties, Peter n’ Marie, m & m’s, summertime, Mibi, spending money, riding on Sandy Neck, 
S.T.H., the Duck Pond, R.W.L. Jr. 

Dislikes: fights, CHICKEN, parades, being nagged, good byes, poison ivy, serious discussions, fat, moodiness, 
rules, peas, S.E. tryouts, peeling sunburns, January, rumors, waiting, SAT’s, spiders!, warts. 

Most Frequently Found: riding in the grey tin can, heading north. 

Dream: to be a rock and not to roll . . . 

William Hagger 

Andrew Hamlen 

Mike, Crack 

Michael Edward Vincent Hejducek 

The artist, like the God of the creation, remains within or behind or beyond or above his handiwork, invisible, 
refined out of existence, indifferent, paring his fingernails. 

James Joyce 

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 

Likes: baseball, Mr. G., photography, N.Y. Yankees, E.S.B., summer ’78, The Devils, a good steamed hot 
dog with onions. Foreigner and Boston, art. Conn., being champions, writing friends in New York, Lymph 

Dislikes: working during the summer, getting up at 6:00 A.M. to go to school. The Nerd, liver, Nauset, anatomy 
tests. Commies (The Red Commy Plague), disbelievers. 

Most Frequently Found: at Larry’s house. 

Dream: to be ahead of others, make alot of money and retire young. 

Mark Edward Henderson 

Pet Fat 

Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work and in that work does what he wants to do. 

R.G. Collingwood 

Likes: talking, success, swimming, beaches, Knight Time, good jokes, having fun. 

Dislikes: homework on weekends. The Nerd, initiations, rainy days, silent study halls, getting up early, 
nicknames, working. 

Most Frequently Found: trying to do all my homework and study for a test at the same time. 

Dream: to go to college and be successful at whatever I do. 

Paul Howell 

I’d rather be dead than red. 

Dirty Howie, Wally, Bulldog 

Likes: J. Geils, bulldogs, baseball, gambling, #15, Chevies, tattoos. On the Rocks, Marines, movies, Farrah, 
peppermint schnapps, the Cars, shotguns, Bluto, Lampoon, masonry, Yankees, Reggie Jackson, Guidry, 
winning money off of Artie, Archie Bunker. 

Dislikes: losing, D.W. and D.C., Kiss, Yaz, Red Sox, knives, Alaska, P.P.P., burnouts, Plymouths, grubs, bees. 
Sandwich, all mouth, liberals, Jane Fonda, Communists, Wild Turkey, punks, the 60’s. 

Most Frequently Found: holding a deck of cards. 

Dream: mechanic. 

Lieu Thuy Huynh Lao 

You’re only a person as I am. 

Don’t tell me what you are. ^ 

If you think I care. 

Just direct yourself to the right road of life. 

Likes: being myself, playing in the band, singing while sad or working, honest people, dancing, drawing, 
working, being with someone dear. 

Dislikes: prejudiced or sarcastic people, snakes, being in the dark. 

Most Frequently Found: myself overly-reacting, painfully nervous in some cases. 

Dream: to be happy. 


Regina Aynne Jacinto 


Bruce C. Kingsbury 

The rose is fairest when 'tis budding new. 

And hope is brightest when it dawns from fears; 

The rose is jsweetest wash’d with morning dew. 

And love is loveliest when embalm’d with tears. 

Sir Walter Scott 

Likes: Caren, 12/3/77, my family and friends, Popeye, maple walnut ice cream, monopoly, Florida, marching 
bands, music, weekends, oatmeal cookies, Kermit, T.T., eating lunch with Richard, chocolate cake, flying, 
cartoons, James Bond, Junior Mints, Eddie Singer, being unique, fishing, soccer, baseball, hats. 

Dislikes: losing, sprints, warts, pulled muscles, crowds, homework, commercials, punk, school lunches, 
the thought of going to college, S.A.T.’s, cliches. 

Most Frequently Found: 12 Kristi Way. 

Dream: to find the fJoly Grail. 

Summertime dreams, beacons to my soul; The channel you have marked out for me runs deep and wide but 
one never knows just how the ship will roll nor which way the wind blows . . . eternal dreamers, whose 
only wish is for a better world in which we live; Wildflowers, field mice, small bugs, elephants and faith 
among men and women. A summertime dream. 

Gordon Lightfoot 

Likes: laughing, a house on a mountain, carefree Sundays, beaches, sandbars, ladybugs, weeping willow trees, 
bunnies, C.F., Mrs. Regan, feeling comfortable, starry nights, #7, bright eyes, smiles, getting to know 
J.T. after all these years, M.M., A.F., G.W., D M., “Frita and Bony", James Taylor, walking, times with 
the “click", S.M., S.P., trying to ski, Montreal, N.Y., Sandwich in the fall, Mr. Sangster, fishing, boardwalk, 
Johanna’s, softball, music, long talks, Boston with Linda, sunny days, true friends, getting by, being myself, 
P-town with Meg, brothers, surprises, daisies, tennis, sledding with Linda and Marie, getting lost on subways, 
“Raggedy Ann and Andy”, honesty, cemetaries, tans, parties, “Pickles”, Linda F. and freinds. 

Most Frequently Found: on my own planet, dreaming my own dreams! 

Dream: to follow a long winding road along a mountainside to my castle in the “clouds” . . . 

Deborah Lynn Kelley 

Deb, Debbie, Debo 

And in chasin’ what I thought were moonbeams 
I have run into a couple of walls . . . 

But in looking back at the faces I’ve been 
I would sure be the first one to say 
When ) look at myself today 
Wouldn’ta done it any other way. 

Jim Croce 

Likes: my family, Linda, S B., S.T., M.L., C.L., my N.Y. friends, “Spot”, “Toucan Sam”, T.D., C.F., “the 
Click”, cats, friendly people, “Train Kept a Rollin’” independence, $, clothes, wine, bonfires, eating, the old 
P.J. parties, dancing, skating, skiing, hockey, #16, #17, #20, the rink, Springfield, Brockton over Abington, 
C.S.N. concert and S.P.’s cottage, Mrs. D.’s Adv. Math, Tiki Port, East Sandwich beach, swingin’ movies in 
Shar’s Opel, 5/6/78, new experiences, cozy fires, thunderstorms, the night of the attic mystery, gold 
jewelry, fingernails, Jim Croce, BeeGees, D.W. summer crew, doing my own thing, and being me. 

Dislikes: bad moods, snobs, bugs, no $, flunking tests, boredom, pessimism, being depressed, tourists, gaining 
weight, S.A.T.’s, being nagged, people touching my nose, being tickled, broken fingernails. 

Most Erequently Found: nowhere special. 

Dream: to be successful and happy in whatever I do. 

Tim King 

Likes: motorcross, four-wheeling. West Coast, Led Zeppelin, vans, Hondas, Sandy Neck, traveling. 
Dislikes: flat tires, riding in the rain, getting pulled over. 

Most Frequently Found: at Alexander’s. 

Dream: to have my own business. 

Christine Ann Laakso 

Chris, Chrissy 

I’ll take the good times, 

I’ll take the bad times. 

I’ll take you just the way you are. 

Billy Joel 

Daniel R. Laffoon 

Dan, Danferd, Big Dan 

Damn this traffic jam. 


Likes- mv Chevy ’68 pickup, leaving school as soon as possible, good tunes, going for coffee A period, dirtbikes, 
beer. Colonial Market, nice people, big parties, Mr. Cook, Mr. Halvorson, the senior class, my parents, 

understanding people, ALL THE GOOD TIMES. u • u u ■ trviH hnw in 

Dislikes: fast motLycles that hit trees and cars, Friday 13, 1978, 8/20/76, bemg unhappy, being to'd how to 
do something, the cops busting a good party, being followed by the police, hangovers, school lunches, bad 
times having no $ when you need it, THE ENDING OF SUMMER. 

Most Frequently Found: in my truck, at school, at work, or partying with someone. 

Dream: to become a pilot and be successful at whatever 1 do. 

Likes: Corvettes, Camp Lyndon and staff, yearbook staff and Art Club, Mom, chinchillas, cats, the Hulk, Led 
Zeppelin, Bob Seger, little kids, being outside, summer and autumn, fresh air, traveling, country and western 
music, Cindy, M.D., C.W., the rest of my family, Sandy Neck Beach, jeeps, fast sporty boats, salt water, 
hot chocolate, Levis, sweaters, and sneakers. 

Dislikes: 8/6/78, SNOBS, being alone, fast drivers, 8/25/78, snow, being cold, waiting, seeing dents in 

Most Frequently Found: in Hyannis, at the yearbook room, and in Forestdale Shores. 

Dream: to be happy, go to college, and own my very own black Corvette. 

Richard Glenn Landers G.L. buddy, Greg 

The world is a stage and everyone plays a part. 

William Shakespeare 

Keith Lane 

There’s nothing like a party when you kick it into gear. 


Likes: my family, good friends, summer of ’78, fast cars, Camaros, Corvettes, B.W., J.L., my parents, Duncan, 
Olds 442, sisters, AAHHH, Charger rides, racing, beautiful girls, foxy babes, great times. Chevron and its 
people, MR. and MRS. C.P., traveling, Italian Stallion, Ratstang, P.L., B.H., Kristi’s Datsun (sometimes), 
K.S., K.S., 4x4’s, winning, “We don’t do that in Avon’’, Boston, music, drags, Noo, Corvette blessings, 
parties, penny bets. Ho Hums, Bankets, life, A.G., K.W., D.S., R.P., Mr. Cook, M.C., “wanna run it”, 
M.R., T.K., K.B., summer crew, P.R., T.S., M.M., R.M., J.W., .I.C., L.J. 

Dislikes: people who run stop signs, accidents, snobs, two-faced people, when everyone wants to go different 
places, getting stopped by the police, not having enough money to do what I want, insects, warm beer, 
rejection, wars, leaving high school life (not classes) after my senior year and not seeing some friends as much. 

Dream: to be happy, travel, be a good mechanic, and some day own a Corvette. 

Likes: my family especially when we’re all together, half-brother Jimbo, Toga-town, Fiji, Weston, New England, 
veal parmegian, Stang, MUSIC, Skynyrd’s “Free Bird", Stevie Wonder, #18, tradition, this here little 
town, soccer, hoop, 10-S, PDP, Pats, Celts, Bruins, Red Sox, Tea Men, Lobsters, clam chowder, new food, 
meeting new droids, going crazy, Adidas, celebrations, routines. The Good Times, Saturday Night Live, 
crowds, sleeping over, long showers, Heineken, creaky doors, warm fires, cozy, pineapple chunks, A.G.R. 

Dislikes: waiting for a ride, comparisons, records that skip, B.S.’s B.S., FLl RTS, jealousy, back stabbers, not 
being able to palm it, rocky beaches, curling irons, close calls, braces, the never-ending battle to fight home- 
work and justice. 

Most Frequently Found: with Anna and/or smiling, holding a door open, waving to someone while walking to 
the beat of the music, all at the same time. 

Dream: to do a helluva, lot better than just survive; to become one of the Joneses and not follow one! 

Joseph Paul LeBlanc 


And the fever called “Living” 

Is conquered at last. 

Edgar Allan Poe 

Likes: sports, Trans AM's, movies, Friday nights, diseo, Boston, Charlie’s Angels, arcade, Bulgarian, concerts, 
money. Fords, t.v., mysteries, D.S., cruises, slot machines, winning, traveling, beach, holidays, B.’s green tank, 
accomplishing goals. Rip, Soap, amusement parks. Double Vision, sleeping in business law, vacations. Red. 

Dislikes: darkness, losing, tight places, bummers, homework, liars, headaches, N.Y. Yankees, Reggie Jackson, 
Pita’s jokes, bad weather, waiting, winter, raking leaves, forgetting things, being bored, tests, Reggie Jackson 
bars, punk rock, brats, #44, pinstripes, navy blue. 

Most Frequently Found: going to Hyannis. 

Dream: to live a fulfilling life. 

Peter Lemire Skin 

The work was hard but when it was over you rejoiced. 

Bob Seger 

Likes: summer, sports, girls, hunting, S.C., Mai, Mr. Earle, skiing, my motorcycle, movies, pizza. Bob Seger, 
Styx, Eric Clapton, money, Camaros, working. 

Dislikes: English in my senior year, snobs, alot of hard courses, physics, getting a cold, getting in trouble. 
Papa Gino’s, school lunches. 

Most Frequently Found: working for B.G., at the beach, hunting. 

Dream: to graduate from the University of New Hampshire and later own my own business. 

Marsha Ann LeGacy 


Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts. 

To a Skylark 

Likes: music, singing, my friends, summer of ’78, Florida with the band, cheering, blue, laughing, Maybel and 
Abbigale, Hyannis, cats. Memorial Day weekend ’78, snow, partying, Billy 1,2,3, and 4, Town Beach, 
cruisin’ around, concerts. Labor Day weekend of ’78, soccer games, basketball games, weekends, playing the 
piano, last day of school, skating, patients at Fraser Rest Home, Superloop?!?, getting let off the hook, 
meeting new people, having NO homework, my little sister Gina, people with school spirit, sunrise, falling 
stars, sleeping late. 

Dislikes: October 15, 1978, Farmersville Road, accidents, doctors, hospitals, grouches. Sandwich sometimes, 
bordeom, unsportsman-like NAUSETI, people who hurt other people, fat, diets, S.A.T.’s, auditions, crying, 
being depressed, being nervous, getting embarassedl, SIGHT READING, music theory, getting caught, 
getting hassled, geting up early, book reports, liars, going to parties where you don’t know anyone, judging 
dance contests, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, saying goodbye, Wolfeboro, N.H. 

Most Frequently Found: almost anywhere. 

Dream: to live my life the way 1 want and have a good time. 

Paul Lemire 

Cuke, Curly 

We’ve only just begun 
To live. 

White lace and promises, 

A kiss for luck and we’re on our way . . . 

Before the rising sun 
We By, 

So many roads to choose. 

We start out walking and learn to run 
And yes we’ve only just begun. 

Paul Williams 

Likes: Mr. Fenton, Mr. Tedeschi, death, hunting, fishing, football, baseball, basketball. New Hampshire, 
Vermont, parties, cars, Male, last day of school, clowning around, working. Cape Cod, brother, pizza, 
subs, parents, Chinese food, Italian food, dogs, number 18, vacations, weekends, beach, ocean, bananas, 
being a senior, cake, pies, frosting, summer, winter, spring. 

Dislikes: snakes, school lunches, snobs, spiders, warm beer, first day of school, Nauset, Massachusetts, tests, 
S.A.T.’s, brussel sprouts, picking up after myself, senior English teacher. 

Most Frequently Found: working; getting into or causing trouble. 

Dream: to be happy and contribute something to this world. 

Peter J. Luciani, Jr. Brutus 

Look out! 

My brother 

Likes: my dune buggy, hot rods. Sagamore Beach in the summer. Meatball’s Mustang, my Connelly ski, 
water-skiing, pinning Mr. Earle, my flunky friends, Keith’s rat Camaro, power boosters, moons, loons, 
goons, teaching Mike F. how to ski, Mr. Cook, summer, gang, Paul Heally’s nose, bikinis, smoke shows, 
working for Pat, the Antique, cantaloupes, John D,, J.D.’s Hurleys, Pebbles, smash-up derby at Bourne Kart 
Track, Lynn’s blonde hair, the three weeks with J.P., Ma’s cooking, my brother’s jokes, losing the smokeys, 
beating our old Blazer, Mr. Murphy’s advice. 

Dislikes: goofs, new English teachers, libraries, Mark’s calmness and sicknesses, Gayle’s moods, the time I fell 
skiing, speed traps. Bowman, super Jocks, unpleasant exhaust, homework, bald tires, crackerjacks without 
the surprise. 

Most Frequently Found: at the beach. 

Dream: Caroline, Gayle, Donna, Lynn, Lisa, Wendy, Mary . . . 

Lisa Maiato Little Fefa 

Glenn, tell us before you do it. 

Likes: DAVID, the week that really wasn’t there, dancing, my little sister, shopping, pizza, driving, Sandy Neck 
Beach, snow, swimming, Boston, stuffed animals, weekends, playing tennis, blue eyes, Steve Miller. 
Dislikes: C.J.W., Milky Ways and Doritoes together, school, English, doctors. Orange Julius, babysitting, 
meatloaf, staying home on weeknights, moving, snobs, turkey, sharing a room with my SISTER, talking on 
the telephone, lies. 

Most Frequently Found: in the student store. 

Dream: to become a buyer for a store. 

David M. Malcolmson Mai, Disco, Y.F., LB. 

I look to the sea 

Reflections on the waves spark my memory. 

Some happy, some sad, 

I think of high school friends and the times we had . . . 


Likes: 9/9/61, #9, Stoughton, family. Pa’s, Mr. Murphy, fast tongues, my Nova, Camaros, BUSCH, 
one night stands, summer of ’79, pizza, french fries, Mr, G., BASEBALL, Quattiuccis, Eli’s, Motorcycles, 
Springfield, Quincy Market, DEATH SQUAD, davenports. Big Ed, football. Red Sox (the sign). Bridge 
and Ferachi, V.S.R.’s, BEATING NAUSET, amusement parks, Chinese food. Princess, Lady, Duchess, 
Grease, Travolta, Main St. Hyannis, the beach, egg salad, pimps, Creedons, Sean, STEVIE, Kris (my stick), 
H.R.G., Point Selago, Clowny, playing second base, Lindy Lou Baker, skiing. 

Dislikes: school, P.P.P. incident, NAUSET, school lunches, working, warm beer, running stairs, my first- 
year batting average, braces, waking up early,, “Anty”, troubles with my car. 

Most Frequently Found: working; in or causing trouble. 

Dream: to be on top of the world looking down on creation; to live life as long and as happy as possible. 

Stephen A. Marganella Steve 

Well, I think it’s fine building jumbo planes. 

Or taking a ride on a cosmic train, switch on summer 

from a slot machine, yes get what you want to, 

if you want, ’ you can get anything. 

Cat Stevens 

Likes: Paula K., my family, friends, concerts. Sagamore Beach in the summer. Monument Beach, sports cars, 
the Camaro SS, bonfires, fireplaces, parties, being a senior, 7-23-78, weekends, vacations, traveling, 
California, Paris, Wolfeboro, Pluto!, Hyannisport, movies, sandbars, sunny days, 2:15, “the beach house”, 
July Fourth, swimming, skiing, French Riviera, Saturday Night Live, music, “Harold and Maude”, 
Venice, castles, Attleboro with Resa, Judy, the week that Linda was at “the beach house”, the 60’s, Cape 
Cod, architecture, summer, the beach, Lisa H., l.inda. Sue. 

Dislikes: no car, no money, some people, homework, hassles, rainy days, getting up early, traffic, waiting, 
tests, 4:00, 4-13-66, the morning after the prom (right l,isa?!). 

Most Frequently Found: in Bourne, Sandwich, and Barnstable, at the beach, with Paula. 

Dream: to be happy and successful and to travel around the world. 

Regina J. Marrs 

Jean-Jean, Gina 

Don’t take love for granted 

For when it's gone you'll wish you never had. 

Likes: my 66 Dodge Polara, M.G.’s, July 12, 1979, my nieces, rum and coke, skipping school with Kathy 
and going to Hyannis, wedding receptions, going to the movies, my mother for just being her, spaced weeble. 
Dislikes: S.H.S. rules, making decisions, being bored, homework, getting into trouble, people who get on my 

Most Frequently Found: at the Sandwich Gulf Station or at home. 

Dream: to be very, very happy. 

James Edward Martin, Jr. 

Jim, Mega 

Free men cannot start a war, but once it is started, they can fight on in defeat. Flerd men, followers of a leader, 

cannot do that, and so it is always the herd men who win battles and the free men who win wars .... 

John Steinbeck 

Likes: FOOTBALL, Coach Evans, Tuborg Gold, P.W.M., B.O.R., WBCN, Martha, partying, Friday nights, 
the JEMCO, Brewster, SCORNTON CREEK, bottles. Main Street, an ecology teacher from Chelsea, 
weights. Stairway to Heaven, the Silver Fox and its driver, most of the class of '79, 4WD on the beach, 
sports, HAPPY DAYS, Monty Python, hot and juicy, naps in the afternoon, eating. 

Dislikes: ham, Monday mornings, the late bus, slow drivers on 6A, long periods, A.M. radio, WRKO, little 
kids. Miller cans, Laverne and Shirley, DISCO, tennis, being carded, NO FOOTBALL HERE, dressed up, 
work in general. 

Most Frequently Found: in bed late at night. 

Dream: to be happy at what I'm doing and satisfied with what I’ve done. 

Megan J. McCutcheon 

Ed rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. 

The sinners are much fun. 

Billy Joel 

Likes: summertime, “golden" days and nights. Him, N.H. '78, the beach, skiing, going away, Sunday afternoon 
football games, Magaritaville 1-2-3-4-5, vacations, J.J., Frujark, Gina, Sandra Lee, Mavic, kittens, concerts, 
Linda's, 1:30, du-b's, parts of summer '78, wild and crazy times, Molson, Chinese food, summer 'll. Dopey, 
upper falls, warm climates, spring, parties, the mountiains, winter nights by a fire, Thurs. nights at Good 
Times, Pam, Kim, Lee, Lydia, C-45 days. May 1979, weekends, sunny days, laughing, B.S. and D., 
“everyone”, good friends, the old days of J-R-P and me, kidnapping with Sandra, D. and B crew, warm rainy 
days, Hilda and Yo, my family and Rob, July 4, Florida, me and P.’s tree, state games, A.M.P., lazy days 
and wasted nights, “swimming" at night, whiskey cakes. New Years Eve, Disney World '78, trees, the 
Beatles, the boardwalk, cemetaries, the Hills, sports cars, dragons, Myron, memories. 

John Francis McGoff 

To live a happy life means to live a long and prosperous life. 

Likes: pizza. New York, trips, concerts, swimming, mountains, the beach, good friends, flying, E.L.O., 
camping, meeting new people, being able to do what you want, my family, S.H.S., the old school, haunted 
houses, music, Springfield, Van Buren Ave., Superloop. 

Dislikes: snobs, cliques, summer vacationers, flunking tests, getting up for work, term papers, depressed 
people, spinach, destructive people, Wolfeboro, long bus rides, liars, cheats. 

Most Frequently Found: in the chorus room. 

Dream: to try and live as long as I can and to see as much as possible in that time. 


Kathleen E. McMahon 

Chuck, Kath 

It’s time I had a good time. 

Ain’t got time to wait 
I wanna stick around 
’til I can’t see straight 


Likes: my VW, cruisin’ in Bob’s Firebird, cold duck, wedding receptions, chopping Bob’s van in his back yard, 
skipping school with Gina, lots of rum and coke, water-skiing. Foreigner, Aerosmith, Queen, high 
quality stereos. Coca-cola, Mrs. Mohre, parrots, Jan, Ali-Rat, Jean-Jean, “quick cars”, large sundaes at 
Friendly’s, going to McDonalds during lunch with Lisa, and Ali-Rat. 

Dislikes: FORDS except for truckie, S.P.D., S.H.S., and its rules, making decisions, being unemployed, 
colds, rain, phony people, not having money, being short, school lunches. Sandwich, salami, cars that don t 
run right, being late, Mike Reddy’s station wagon. 

Most Frequently Found: Bob’s house or smoking room. 

Dream: to be a custom upholstorer. 

Eric Milroy Rico, Caz, My 

I am but mad north by northwest, when the winds from the east I know a hawk from a handsaw. 


Likes: JODY, soccer, meatball subs. Pinky, #42, Castleton, summer of ’79, Camaros, being champions, 
BEATING NAUSET, sugar. Tut, Puna, staying out late, Springfield, beaches, perch, hockey games, kamus, 
S.N., Death Squad, weekends, Macs, Geils, Zeppelin, the classic, #11, bonfires, dreams, babysitters, YES, 
Chester, T.L.C., noches. Main Street, The Vista, sixth grade, smiles, sleeping, Chinese food, Ma (Marie), 
munching out. 

Dislikes: saying goodbyes, Nauset, big mouths, waking up, running out of gas, getting in trouble, losing, no 
money, greens, forgetting, headaches, quwars, refs’ bad calls, being cold, tears, maggots. 

Most Frequently Found: in the refrigerator. 

Dream: to make lots of money and see the world. 

Kim Leslie Murphy Murph, Kimbies, Tart 

Life is a journey, not a destination. 

Likes: life, people, Lee and Jeff, Donna, partying, living on my own, animals. Firebirds, Camaros, Skynyrd, 
Cape Cod, Laffoons, music, my family, concerts, good doobies, dirty birds, “Italian food”, “military 
madness”, Neil Young, my buddies, Cuz, Gibba, Wednesdays, Docktor Pet, the weekend, M.T., J.C., 
W.O., C.O., fry, “my pearl”, Bacardi, California, New Hampshire, mountains, nice looking taters, having a 
car, BUSCH, Molson Golden, good times. 

Dislikes: jerks, chesters, S.P.D., the service road, 7/10/76, 11/17/76, 12/24/77, 8/20/77, accidents, 
food poisoning from the Dragonlite, screaming, bossy people, wars. Pave Paws, people with no common 
sense, giggly girls, pollution, decisions, narcs. 

Most Frequently Found: nowhere to be found. 

Dream: to enjoy life to the max, and go into the medical field. 

Sandra Lee Murray Sandi 

You’ve got to go on. Turn around, 
and you’re on a different stage 
with a new set of characters. 

Bob Dylan 

l.ikes: happiness, equal respect, my friends, parties, Mr. Evans, 28, Shilo, sunshine, my family, traveling, 
constant music, Connecticut autumns, summer ’77, Allan W'ay, Florida with P.’s, kidnapping with Meg, 
surprise parties, new people, 8-18-77, Annie and Elsie, being able to understand, concerts, Linda’s, 
the big house on Stetson St. and all occupants, the partners, the beach, the cove, kept secrets, l.aurie’s 
house, the kids, D.R., individualism, winning, R.D.T.W.B., E.W.B., honesty, the schoolbus that 
started it all, hugs, Camaros and Porsches, going out, G.B., .Springfield, our house. Juniper Rd., the stream, 
old people, giant fields, driving, the grandchildren, singing, finding D F. with S.P. in the middle of the night. 

Dislikes: not knowing, being depressed, fighting rumors, flat tires, being late, motorcycles in the woods, phonies, 
poor trust, not knowing what to say, people who don’t try, Barnstable County Fair ’78. 

Most Frequently Found: between Sandwich, Hyannis, and Yarmouth. 

Dream: to be happily successful. 


Bryce L. Myers 

Carry on my wayward son. 

There’ll be peace when you are done. 

Lay your weary head to rest 
Don't you cry no more. 


Likes: BLUE AND WHITE, the Mall, FRIENDS, winning, ice cream, GVKM, the Zone, ' Family, 
Rocky, Jackson Browne, 8/15/78, concerts, Boston, writing, baseball, Barnstable, Bourne, Saturday 
Night Live, L. A., California, Saturday Night Fever, 10/2/78, Red Sox, beach parties, class of ’79, weekends, 

Dislikes: store signs, 5/6/78, losing, cigarettes, NAUSET, phone bills, MATH, YANKEES, gerbils 
(DZ), talkers, burnouts, long-haired boys. 

Dream: to in some way be remembered. 

Cheryl Olson 

Likes: “Betsy and Katie”, Bob Seger in concert, my brother Wayne, Tina, Flac, good doobies, Tony, working 
in metals, Jackie, B.D., Mr. Halvorson, my family, partying with Teri, Rodney, B.F., D.F., R.W., D.G., 
David, my little sister (Bobbie), my eighteenth birthday party. Led Zeppelin, Super Tramp, K.M., Polly 
and Kelly, playing Frisbees in the park, June 10, 1978, 10:10 P.M., ice cream, “Slim”, making knives for 
special people, Mork from Ork, Three Stooges, Kaluha, being with my friends, toot, snow, long hair, Z-28 

Dislikes: Sandwich High School, no $, Mr. Halvorson leaving, motorcycles, no smokes, 2/27/76, 1/28/76, 
narcs, doing dishes, S.P.D., being hassled, town of Sandwich, dry towns, getting into car accidents, being tall, 
winter in Sandwich. 

Most Frequently Found: wherever you can find me, if you can find me. 

Dream: to party with Led Zeppelin, to meet Robert Plant. 

Bryan Henry O’Rork B.O.’R., O’Rorka 

If I leave here tomorrow 
Would you still remember me. 

For I must be traveling on now 

’ there’s too many places I’ve got to see. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Likes: Aerosmith, Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, Coach Evans, cold beers, four-wheeling on Sandy Neck, Sandy 
Neck, FOOD, J.A.W., J.E.M., D.L.K., WETONES, camping, bonfires, 9/15/78, ROWDIE TIMES, 
scuba diving, Nickerson State Park, Springfield, jumping off Scornton Creek, waterskiing, skiing. 

Dislikes: PIZZA BURNS, screaming, being tickled, shaving, homework, pain (shin splints), school lunches, 
SCHOOL RULES (’78-’79), going to the dentist, being in trouble, breaking my collarbone. 

Most Frequently Found: wherever there is a good time. 

Dream: to have a long, successful, happy life. 


Ann Marie Ostrom 


Some minds are like concrete — all mixed up and permanently set. 

Likes: when he’s with me, D.B., softball, cats, fools, Mr. Heywood, prom, pizza, getting back together, Billies, 
“cubicles of butter”, money, letters from A.M., Sandy Neck Beach, Peter’s Pond, summer ’77, TikiPort — 
leftover food, football, SKINNY people, SHARKS!, K. and A. cameras, Cindy’s mask, B.L.T., big brothers. 
Muffin, full moons, Nibinshboy, 12-7-77, snow, candy apples, freedom, babies, dreams, memories, phone 
calls from far away, $10 bets, friends, blue eyes. 

Dislikes: Annie, gossip, bad grades, EYES, “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”, Pintos, death, lies, winks, getting 
up in the morning, cliques, waiting, leaving him, being bored, arguments, losing $10 bets. 

Most Frequently Found: anywhere that will make me happy. 

Dream: to be happy wherever and whoever I’m with. 

Sharon Lee Palmer Esh 

There’s a river sweat right through our land 

Driven by a man with a bullwhip in his hand. 

Oh I’ve taken just as much as I can stand, 

I’ve got to get out, soon as I can. 

Likes: my family, friends, and home, eating, long hair, #23, having S, 98% of the employees at CCH kitchen, 
my buddy, 7 Town Beach Rd., horses, getting away with it, old times with the gang, funny people, 
Amherst, our secrets, Jackson Browne, J.T., and J.E., MASH, the mountains, blue jeans, being independent, 
my beach, the amethyst, S.N.L. and co.. Happy Feet, Marty Spender, cinnamon swirls at MacNeil’s, 
kidnapping, mt. boots and flannel shirts, Linda’s, Mr. Ed, “Shar”. 

Dislikes: certain people, getting caught, the Palmer hips and aftereffects of eating, empty gas tanks, being 
paranoid, being broke, having people worry about me, anti-MOP heads, flat tires at 2:00 in the morning, 
flashing blue lights, guilt, cheaters, being nagged, typicalities. 

Most Frequently Found: over the speed limit. 

Dream: to be able to charge people $5 an hour (or more) to ride my horses. 

Richard Pell, Jr. Reet, Pickle 

I have not yet begun to fight! 

Likes: girls with bikinis, slo-gins, parties, parents, L.T., family, $, some sports, the Doobies, ARM 
WRESTLING!, S.M., B.J., being a high-class senior, J.C., C.C., Barbara, pizza, having my own car 
which gets 45 m.p.g., vacations, Sordo. 

Dislikes: Burt, burnouts, 5-day policy, demerits, stuck-ups, Carr, faggots, Smiley, moving bricks, shoveling 
snow, cats, geometry, homework, starting school on Mondays. 

Most Frequently Found: trying to wrangle the family car. 

Dream: to be the best at whatever 1 do. 

William F. Perry Billy 

Likes: ANGELA, my MG, Big Ed and the S.H.S. band, the B.’s, Fudd, our camp at Sandy Neck, Florida 
in March, snow. Blacky, hunting, selling shoes, Hogan’s Heroes, payday. 

Dislikes: C.C., cars that don’t start, not having a job, .school lunches, being told what to do, getting up in the 
morning, not turning eighteen until after graduation. 

Most Frequently Found: with Angela. 

Dream: to own my own business. 


Belinda Pike Pike) 

For every look to the future 
There is a sense of the unsure. 

But for every dream of today 

There dawns a beginning of a new day. 

Tina Reed 

Likes: John, Bristol, sunshine, Mrs. Farley, cafeteria, D.N.TS’s, Chinese food, traveling, good tunes, being a 
senior, my sister. 

Dislikes: gym, snobs, waiting, S.P.D. 

Most Frequently Found: in Bristol. 

Dream: to be happy! 

Raymond Putnam Punchy Puff 

Good time Charlie’s got the blues. 

Jimmy Buffet 

Likes: S.C., sledding at night, funny movies, “CADET”, beach cottage parties, the four seasons, 
Mai, “THE SQUAD", neat rooms, dirty closets, phone calls, women, 11:30 P.M., weekends, cold nights, 
fireplace fires, all my friends, laughing, making jokes, Richard Pryor, snow days, Boston city, my buddy 
G.B., clean cars. Main Street, sharks, warmth, the Caribbean, Jan. ’77, beach parties, bonfires, cold 
Millers, Airport Cinema, raising hell, custom vans, the CustomS, summer ’79, going out, guitars, good 
tunes, “toned”, water beds, girls at the beach, staying up late, mice, “buck shot”, “people who sit in 
closets” leaving school early and getting there late, Ma and Pa, Toby, partying in my car with friends, 
old Mustangs, black light, “Good Times”, 4x4’s, Brownings, full tank of gas, Craigers, C.H., “R”, blues, 
jazz, my room, my English teachers, M.D. class, warm ocean water, WWII movies, unknown jazz bands, 
night clubs. Village packy, Springfield trip, U.N. trip. New York trip, new babes, my hometown Asmara, 
football on Sundays. 

Pauline Mary Quirk Paula 

People who hold onto broken dreams often get cut on the sharp edges. 

Salada teabag tag 

Likes: J.K., my family, my little brother, the racetrack, 9/26/78, the Wakeby Junction, bingo, the rodeo, 
long hair, smiles, “Rocky”, 1979- graduation, “and they lived happily ever after". 

Dislikes: fake people, being alone, the system, goodbyes, having to make my own decisions, 9/21/76, being 
overtired, gym, Wolfeboro, winter, not being able to do what 1 want to do when I want to do it, being afraid, 
broken dreams. 

Most Frequently Found: complaining. 

Dream: to be and do whatever makes me happy. 

Mary Elizabeth Ramsey 


Likes: photographs, the beach, Martha’s Vineyard . . ., Julies, Rachael, Stevie, good toot, anchors away, 
Ruinite, concerts, my baby Datsun, onyx, turquoise, Harleys, tatoos, jewelry, doobics, Molsons, Teri’s 

bomb, David Johansen N.Y.C., Scag, my camera, zooming in, good tunes, fast cars, friendly people, 

good times, memories, snow, skiing, P.E.L, tatters, partying people, . . . T.R , M B., B.D., G.D., M.F., 
H.M., D.T., M.S., M.T., D.B., L.M., l.K., C.O., “White punks on dope”, unusual names, faraway places, 
sunrise, shells, woods, camping, climbing, hiking, going wild and crazy, noises, “Ma and Brcndcn”. 

Dislikes: snobs, S.H.S., no money, no doobs, being reminded of the mileage, the morning after, “sold out”, 
rules, not having a car, goodlupcs, math, burnouts, tuff cookies. 

Most Frequently Found: down town or with Tcri. 

Dream: to make it big. 

Michael C. Reddy Chilton 

Likes: girls, cars. Main St,, car shows, smoke shows, parties, 4x4’s, my wagon, Boston, Black Sabbath, Ceils, 
B.H., S.L., T.K., T.S., L R., S.M., C.H., C.B., R B., T.S., J K., Sandy Neck. 

Dislikes: S.P.D., unshined chrome, C/20 pickups, flats. 

Most Frequently Found: at J.P. Morin Auto Repair working on a car. 

Dream: to have a good and happy life. 

Christina Reed 

Tina, Burnout 

While in these days of quiet desperation. 

As 1 wander thru the world in which 1 live, 

I search everywhere for some new inspiration. 
But its more than cold realty can give. 

If I need a cause for celebration. 

For a comfort I can use to ease my mind. 
I rely on my imagination. 

And 1 dream about imaginary times. 

Likes: P.D., getting high, summer, SPRINGFIELD, the Fernandez’s, my nieces and nephews, PARTIES, 
skipping school with N-S-B, going to Hyannis with Laura and Kathy, my partner Cheryl, S.S, N.B., 
B.P., T.R., T.G., J.G., DeDe, B E., going out to breakfast, MILLERS, travelin’, vacations. May 13, 1979, 
seeing “old" friends, smiles, TOOT, good doobies, the people 1 work with, leavin' this place for good. 

Dislikes: MR. CO., S.P.D., being hassled, bitchy people, having no smokes, 8:00 A.M.-2:l5(Monday- 
Friday), S.H.S.’s rules and restrictions, deadlines, good-byes, “surprises", being lied to, no S, rainy 
days, DRY TOWNS, those days when nothin’ goes right, not being able to take the car. 

Most Frequently Found: at home, cruisin’, or at work; if I’m not there I don’t know where the hell I am. 

Dream: to be a famous poetess, or live to be 101 years old (whichever comes first). 

Teri Lynne Regan 

Teri, Frecks 

Don’t walk in front, I may not follow. 
Don’t walk behind, 1 may not lead. 
Just walk beside me and be my friend. 

Likes: red roses, woods, beaches, CONCERTS, music, plants, bonfires, 10-29-78, Chinese food, blizzards, 
the moon, Brian, silver, Michael’s van, “Molsons”, parties, toot, good doobs, working w/ jewelry, long hair, 
turquoise, goals, onyx, Dana, 1 975-78, ’73-’74, 10-25-78, 10-31-78, Rolling Stones, cars, beards, smiles, 
D.D.’s eyes, children, Buzzy people: B.R., C.O., M.T., L.T., J.C., K.M., W.O., D.B., R.W., D.E., B.F., 
B.D., B.D., T.R., M.F., J.G., D.L., J.A., T.B., and the rest, my family, autumn, Meisha, Harleys, lions, 
Springfield, “The Bomb”, Riunite, rainbows, the Drummonds, listening to Brian play guitar, Martha’s 
Vineyard(right Stevie and Rachel?), sunsets, photography, ceramics, Nov. 6, 78-in Boston, Mr. Murphy 
and Mr. Halvorson. 

Dislikes: SHS administration, no $, snobs, accidents, no inspection sticker, losing my muffler — 10-31-78, 
S.P.D., spiders, being hassled, bossy people, not caring, “SOLD OUT”, no doobs, big hands, saying good- 
bye, greed, prejudiced people. 

Most Erequently Eound: in town or with Beth. 

Dream: to be a silversmith and have my own business. 

Deborah Marie Roberti 


So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountain- 

where the spirits go, 

over the hills where the spirits fly . . . 


Likes: the sea, “Landslide” (Eleetwood Mac), my ever-patient family, mes camarades, starry skies, “The Little 
Prince”, autumn walks, roses, Al, thunderstorms, poetry, seafood, drawing, fog, “Let it Be”, the northern 
lights, my privacy, sailing with Ace, Billy Joel, lavender, Meade, cats, dusk, Vermont, J.T., the smell of the 
heather after it rains, honesty, Fitzgerald, wind, nice laughs, Brahms, snow, jumping off the boardwalk. 

Dislikes: cliques, March, being deceived, tractors, belittlement, watching the sun set over the power- 
plant, feeling smothered, when the snow turns to rain, hurting people, nightmares, falling away from myself, 
purple, faded friendships, crowds, being cold, not fitting in, pine trees. 

Dream: to never regret . . . 

David J. Rossignol Resin 

I don’t want to hear it. 

Likes: guitar, concerts, Traci, Wiff, Shelly, Weeze, Mark, Mike, Scuzz, Steven, snow, #714, good parties, 
Tom’s pizza, shop, the beach, 1973-74, blonds, brunettes, red heads, John’s Nova, gold, Mr. Heywood, all my 

Dislikes; T.L., being mad, snobby girls, school lunches, being late for class, getting in trouble, not having 
money, staying home on weekends. 

Most Frequently Found: The Blue Room. 

Dream: to go to college and make a lot of money. 

Anna Geertruida Roell Annetje, Chuck, Slick 

So do what you want to do 

But be what you are . . . 

Daryl Flail and John Oates 

Likes: my family, RGL, PREPPIE, my friends, Annapolis, #18, spazticity, showing up chauvinists, my 7th 
grade buddy, oldies but goodies, taking showers, Chinese food, summer ’77, sophomore year, tennis, legs, 
private parties, B.C., french fries and ice cream, 3-6-78, Boz Scaggs, blond hair and blue eyes, KO. 

Dislikes: cliques, Gertrude, silent arguments, Daj, wet pants, plucked eyebrows, yellow snow, waiting, shaved 
legs, elections, double faults, senior pictures. 

Most Erequently Eound: with Glenn. 

Dream: to become the next Barbara Walters, and to marry Mark Eden. 

Alice E. Roby 


You gave me strength to stand alone 
To face the world out on my own 
You put me high upon a pedestal 
So high that I could almost see eternity 
you needed me, you needed me . . . 

Anne Murray 

Likes: GLENN, belatin, skippin’ school with Lisa, the week that wasn’t really there, Abbagail and Grace, 
getting stuck in the mud, twirling, marching, summers at Swifts Beach, playing tennis with Sue, Marie, and 
Randy, The Door, working at McDonalds, wedding receptions. Auntie Chuck, Gina, Paula, gym with Dee 
Dee and Laura, Terri, bulldogs, PETE, Mickey Mouse, Sylvester and Tweety, going to Florida with the 
band, Andy, Rhonda, Amy, and David, Gretchen, and Mr. Heywood for all his time and understanding. 

Dislikes: getting caught, Doritos and Milky ways, making decisions, going home after school, saying good- 
bye, not being able to talk, demerits, dropping my baton, B.A., reading Hamlet, walking to the bus stop, 
cold weather, doing oral reports. 

Most Frequently Found: with Glenn, in the band room, or at McDonalds. 

Dream: to be happy. 

Lisa Marie Santos Lee, Lis 

Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world. 

When all the other turn their backs and walk away. 

You can count on me to stay. 

As long as you need me. I’ll be there. 

Helen Reddy 

Likes: WILL, 7/4/78, camping, 8/4/78, belatin, my family, my friends, Maybel and firace, Mr. Heywood, 
getting stuck in mud, the week that was never there, skipping school with Alice, Super Loops?, partying, 
sleeping late, spending money, Camaros, being with WILL, doing what I like best. 

Dislikes: Dweebs, car accidents. 10/15/78, being hasseled. Milky Ways and doritos together, getting up early, 
saying good-bye. 

Most Frequently Found: where I’m not supposed to be and at Angelo’s. 

Dream; to become a medical secretary. 


Raymond A. Schmeizcr 


The time has come, the song is over, 
thought I'd something more to say. 

Pink Floyd 

l.ikes: Jaguars, snowmobiles, skiing, D.K., T.D., C.S., L.S., B.S., L.E.S., C.S., New Hampshire, music, 
D.W.I., good times. Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, 280-Z, K2. 

Dislikes: typing, cobwebs, W.W., wiping out, Devo, the Cars, cheap tricks, disco. 

Most Frequently Found: on the ski slopes. 

Dream: to be a ski bum. 

Sally Seabury 


Don't hang on. Nothing lasts forever, but the earth and sky. 

Dust in the Wind 

Likes: Days off, $, Springfield, Becker Barimore, holidays. Grease, my family, sunny days, Mac, clothes, 

L.R., O.N.J., M.M., Thom McAnn, Mrs. Huff, Apex, U.S.C.G., rum and coke, tomato soup, Andy 
Gibb, cuties, being protected, Disney World, green eyes. Shadow Dancing, Cobra II, Mustang II, bra 
incident (Martha). 

Dislikes: being insecure, getting caught, cliques, snobs, headaches, showing emotion, eye drops. Fall '76, 

Spring ’78, Maravista, being cold, letting go, learning to drive, getting old, 8/15/78, the pool, blood shot 
eyes, P.E. in October, people who get the wrong impression. 

Most Frequently Found: hardly ever. 

Dream: Legal Secretary. I 


Timothy Maurice Sheldon Tim 

Likes: motorcycles, snowmobiles, partying, snow, Molsons, hunting, N.H., buzzed, cold feet, J. Geils 
concert, summer of ’76, all my friends, T.K., G.C., M R., and S.L., motorcycles in Boston, Shel and Doris. 
Dislikes: riding in rain or cold, English, work losing things, being without a car, stuck on Sandy Neck, being 
without money, warm beer, melting snow, crashes, flat tires in Boston at 1:00 A M. 

Dream: to become a good airline pilot and have a good time. 

Lawrence James Shell Larry, Athlete 

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings. 

William Shakespeare 

Likes: baseball, Mr. G., being champions, K’s, Devils, The Agency, Agent 14, Foreigner. Double Vision, Hot 
Blooded, E.S.B. at 2:00 A M., CSN, Boys’ State ’78, Summer ’78, T-5, hot foods. Lymph Node, backseats. 
Dislikes: blueberry blitzes, rainy days, people who don't try. The Nerd, Commies (The Red Commy Plague). 

Most Frequently Found: on a mound. 

Dream: to achieve what I want to achieve. 

Kristi Lee Simpson 

Listen to the tide slowly turning 

Wash all our heartaches away 

We’ve a part of the fire that is burning 

And from the ashes we can build another day. 

The story in your eyes — Moody Blues 

Likes: Brad, 8/15/78, Sandwich High, my family and friends, my mother and father, Kim, Kathy, Kari 
4K’s minus one, the Carters, the summer gang(Russel M., John L., John W., Paul R., Jim C., Chris C., 
Tommy S., Mandy M., Keith L., Kip B.), HAPPY TIMES!, the bridge, beach fires, Martha’s Vineyard, 
9/4/78, Shawme Crowell S.F., going out to dinner. Brad’s Chevy Luv, 4 wheelin’, my Datsun, Paul’s 
Orca FI 50, Russel’s Pinto, John’s Torino, Keith’s Camero, L.A.M., the weekends, Sandy Neck, BRU, 
penny bets!. Ho Hums, SCO, Charles’R.R., bankets tmtmtm, MONEY!, having my own car, being 
friends with Kathy Westfield, junior prom, Southington High, Snoopy, “You’re a good man Charlie 
Brown’’, being away from the city and all its problems, the Daniels family, the Goosemans, Dibs, Boz Scaggs 
concert, quiet moments, B.N.W.’s toad, togetherness. 

Likes: my family, Cowens, Puff, Cynders, snow, animals, the beach, good friends, Florida, Maine, basketball. 
Coach Zion, laughing, good times, M.E., field hockey, memorial weekend, R.P., McDonalds, tacos, 
senior study, Aug 7, 1978, horse back riding, big noses, Barnstable, J.D., J.L., R.P., R.S., winning, work, 
J.D., Sandy Neck, clothes, money, Springfield, S.S, trying on shoes. 

Dislikes: filling out accident forms, NAUSET, unsportsmanlike behavior, show offs, K.A.’s, splinters, bad 
jokes, M.W., P.I.T.A., jokes, 30 days locked up, June ll-July II, deadlines, a spectator bus, Putt-Putt, 
Plutarians, Wolfebor, horses in the hay loft, T.V. sports, lies, long bus rides, losers, losing to Nauset, drawn 
out speeches, long period, 20 caps, tunas running over the dunes. 

Most Frequently Found: almost anywhere. 

Dream: business management. 

Jennifer MarieShnver 

Jenny, Feefer 

We can’t have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for one thousand nine hundred 
years . . . Let us now try revolution and see what it will do. 

Helen Keller 

Likes: ULTIMATE, the Big Apple, “weirdos”, Faremak, the new D’s, multiplblblblbles, conventions, 
NMLs, “nice long hair”, the derivative of turkeys, Susie Geefeet, Mamid, being a socialist, July 9 and 
99,999 other people!, the Hub, the ghoul of Sandwich, $7.14, health food, jam-jam, sensuous brass, the 
Fourth International, 1/1/75, snirting, cats, MARXISM, Y. S. A. 

Dislikes: Sandwich High, NUCLEAR POWER, Michael Harrington, sports, Hahvahd parties, when the 
#!/?’* thing won’t solder, dummies who don’t understand that abortion is a woman’s right, the old A.’s, 
Zionism, being analyzed, red necks, reactionaires and other trash, our administration, being patronized, 
sugar, leisure suits and people who wear them, getting up early except sometimes, W. W., split ends. 

David Silva C.C.,Siffa 

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. 

I’m not one of those who can easily hide. 

Don’t have much money, but boy if I did. 

I’d buy a big house where we both could live. 

Elton John, Bernie Taupin 

Deborah Jane Stanley 

Debbie, Doobie 

The past is forever gone; 
The future is our own. 

Likes: FORDS, HONDAS, Mr. and Mrs. Sangster, cold Millers, cold Heineken, S.C.’ 4x4's, fast cars, A 
period auto shop, J.A.W., my Fairlane, four-wheeling fln Sandy Neck, Main Street, Hyannis, summertime, 
NEW ENGLAND DRAGWAY, M.M., D.F., 2505, Harry D. Ill, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, A.E.R., my 
brothers, Maine, A.M.D., plowing snow. Mustangs, Camaros, TransAms, Corvettes, Broncos, Blazers, 
working, good parties, dancing. 

Dislikes: rain, cold weather, “getting bogged down”, oak trees. Cape Cod Hospital, getting stopped by the cops, 
stuck-up girls, having no money on a weekend, warm beer, Nauset, doing homework, being bored. 

Most Frequently Found: working on a car or riding around in one. 

Dream: airline pilot. 

Sean David Sebastian Suckling 


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the 

wisdom to know the difference. 

Saint Francis of Assisi 

Likes: kites, concerts, grafix, improvisation, “bleu cheese,” chess, guitar, diving, paper airplanes, student 
council, sf, “fish with flaps,” Finbar, senior pit, water polo, bakery people, JRRT, Cyrus McGregor, Teamen, 
Red Sox, betting with Artie, sandcastles, leaving school for donuts, moccasins, double reverse, library 
chairs, Mr. C., Mrs. D., “Baker Street," 6-2-78, all things English, Yes, CSN, Boston, movie passes, 
Pazuzu, team room, “la chica con la boca breve,” photography, deserted beaches, Norwegians, SHS. 

Dislikes: speeches, COLFAX, deadlines, working nights, glasses, twist dives, homework, getting caught, 
college applications, A chord, Yankees, studies, ’78 prom, busses, no money. 

Most Frequently Found: in Angelo’s bakery. 

Dream: to patent an invention, sell a story, and set a world record. 

Sara Jane Titcomb 

Sara Jane 

Rivers belong where they can ramble. 

Eagles belong where they can fly. 

I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free. 

Got to find my corner of the sky. 

Likes: family and friends, memories, babies, Maine, the tin can, N Y. friends, cinnamon swirls at Mac- 
Neils, pottery, sweaters, baby’s breath and pink roses, junior year, G.B., J.M., East Sandwich Beach, 
smiles, starry nights, English accents, Grammy E., EATING, New England, Tiki Port, day dreaming, 
Barnstead, being “kidnapped”, 5/6/78, ice cream, walks, wine, VW’s, certain nights, juicy conversations, 
skiing, times with “the click”, J.T., C.S. and N. concert and Shar’s cottage, B.C. guys, G.A.’s, old P.J. 
parties, M.D.’s house, swining, movies in Shar’s Opel, Abington over Brockton Deb!!, Norwegian cousins, 
improvisation, N.Y. with C.P., The Pub, the ski trip “the click” went on?, soccer games in Boston, La 
Cipollina, antiques, white houses with a poreh, plants, school spirit, long weekends, 10/7/78, Tidlee, looking 
toward the future. 

Dislikes: mayonnaise, pickles, being used, GREASIES, scags, diets, no mail, depression, fat A’s, unfriendly 
people, disrespect, the time that . . ., good byes, fakes, math, MeDonalds, SAT’s, BEING LATE, What?, 
a certain Chinese waiter, ruined plans, no money, waiting, . . . too many things. 

Most Frequently Found: EATING!! 

Dream: to make dreams come true. 

Matilde M. Veiga 

Eor yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is a vision, but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness 

and every tommorrow a vision of hope. 

Likes: spring, summer’77, Florida, New York, French class, Spanish class, party, Portugal, Paris, shopping, 
traveling, my family, Amarildes, Fatima, Filo, Italian food, vacation, Ted, Luis, birthdays, disco, friendly 
people, dreams, the beach, reading, movies, Ms. Kirsch, soccer, soft rain, long walks on lonely nights. 

Dislikes: American foods, gossips, winter ’76, my first month in America, accents, McDonalds, cold weather, 
school lunches, waking up early, good-byes, bad tempers, unhappy people, nosey people, alarm clocks, being 
foolish, being sad, having no money, being sick, mistakes, boring parties. 

Most Frequently Found: in Boston, Scituate, Cape Cod Mall. 

Dream: to be happy, become a doctor, and live in Europe. 

Laura Wallace Waldo 

Time makes you bolder even children get older, 

and I’m getting older too. 

Eleetwood Mac 

Likes: DONNY, the summer of ’77, meadows, poems, good parties, rainbows, Springfield, Siamese cats, 
O’Flara, Joey, Mark and Melanie, my friends, T.R., D.F., B E., T.R., L.G., C.O., Donny’s van, Raynham, 
Molsons, Bones, Doberman Pinschers, fireworks of ’78, long hair, the Cones, M&M's, the color blue, 
Trans Ams, Fleetwood Mae, Moody Blues, The Tubes, the field, clothes, L.M., Erin and Mark, D.G., 
scrubbing bubbles, M.M., wild flowers. 

Dislikes: S.P.D., S.H.S., Mrs. W., bad moods, being confused, erying, being hurt, P.E., B.H., peanut butter, 
C.J.W., snobs, being called a snob, Terry R., Karen D., people writing on other people’s lockers about me, 
the cliques. 

Most Erequently Eound: doing something wrong. 

Dream: to get out of Sandwich High School alive. 

John Wesley Walling 

Line in nature is not found. 

Unit and universe are round. 

In vain produced all rays return. 

Evil will bless, and ice will burn. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Likes: snow, cold weather, skiing, skating, the smell of wet pine needles, art, bisqueware, the beach in winter, 
botanical sciences, eating raw lemons on a hot day, green apples. 

Dislikes: Cape Cod summers (particularly the traffic), messy handwriting, trig functions not in the first quad- 

Most Frequently Found: sweeping “the main” at Angelo’s. 

Dream: to become filthy rich and own half of the diamond mines in Africa. 

Katherine Lynn Westfield 

Summer lovin’ had me a blast 

Summer lovin’ had me at last 

Summer days drifting away but oh, those summer nights . . . 

It grew cold, that’s where it ends. 

So I told him we’d still be friends. 

Then we made our true love vows , . . 

Wonder what he’s doing now. 

Summer dreams ripped at the seams, but oh, those summer nights. 

Olivia Newton-John, Grease 

Likes: Jamie, l/\3/lS, Lodge gang, prom, “cubicles of butter”, TikiPort- too much food, Camaros, softball. 
Town Neck Beach, K. and A.’s camera, concerts, little sisters, Molly, Bridget, Steve, Dominic, Patty and Joe, 
Suzana and Antony, Tony J., R2D2C3PBomb, Diane, Doug, David LeGacy, big brother, weekends at Joe’s, 
long distance calls from Texas, memories, the McArdle family, disgusting, band trip to FLORIDA, ex- 
change trip to Ohio, my best friend Kristi Simpson, Doobie Stanley, Marsha LeGacy, “I don’t go for that”, 
summer ’78. 

Jenifer Ann Wetz Jen, Nif 

I can’t forget tomorrow 
When 1 think of all my sorrow. 

How I had you there. 

And then I let you go. 

You always smiled. 

But in your eyes your sorrow showed. 

Harry Nilsson 

Likes: my family and friends, Martha, Coop, B.O. ’R„ Mega, Kilo (thanx), David S., Russ, Peter, Pam, Chris, 
D.C.P., MY “Silver-fox”, bonfires, Sandy Neck, CLICK, Filenes, Lord and Taylors, knowing the adven- 
tures of Big K., cupplates, rum, Riunite, Dad’s whiskey sours, beer, champale, jewelry, traveling, flying, 
N.Y., Canada, TR 7’s, getting my own way, tacos (how many Marth?) 1/14/78, baby powder. Rod Ste- 
wart, Al Stewart, Billy Joel, Boz Scaggs, Heaven Scent, I /I 7/78, the prom, hugs, cuddling, perms, 4/1 /77, 
Brach watermelons. Tiki Port, (Mai Tais and $40 dinners). Coach Evans, midnite ding-a-lings, sewing, piz- 
za, soccer games, Christmas, having the house for the weekend, most parties, and Springfield. 

Timothy J. White Don Bosco 

Let our object be our country, our whole country, and nothing but our country. And, by the blessing of God, 
may that country itself become a vast and splendid monument, not of oppresion, and terror, but of wisdom, 
of peace and of liberty, upon which the world may gaze with admiration forever. 

Daniel Webster 

Likes: playing guitar, listening to music, going to concerts, dancing. 
Dislikes: school, work, homework, getting up before light. 

Most Frequently Found: in the band room playing guitar. 

Dream: to play guitar in a rock band. 

David William Wilkinson 


Live free or die. 

Likes: Sandy, skiing, work, snow, N.H., my sisters. The Rolling Stones, motorcycles. Black Sabbath, good 
parties, A.R., H.C., wild women, cold weather, SGURD. 

Dislikes: getting busted, S.P.D., rainy days, school lunches, waking up to warm beer. 

Most Frequently Found: with Sandy, out getting stoned. 

Dream: to move to N.H. and be a truck driver. 

Rodney E. Willette 1 1 

Sex is the answer. 

Likes: soccer, football, hunting, playing pool, winning, Dallas cheerleaders, no problems, working on motors, 
drinking frosties, riding bikes (sometimes), being around the water, boats, m & m's with peanuts, summer. 
March 9, 1960-76, ’77, ’78, “79", Megan. 

Dislikes: no girl on a weekend, cars without reverse, broken chain saws, trees in the way, parties with no beer. 

getting stuck, getting in fights and losing, bad odds like nine against two. 

Most Frequently Found: where I’m not supposed so be. 

Dream: to be my own boss. 

Christopher A. F. Wright Brain. Chris 

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? 

Robert Browning 

Likes: sleeping, donuts, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, weekends, my family, hunting, snow, 
wine, football, A.P. Biology (The Lymph Node, Joe’s Cell), tunafish, Ohio, computers, V.W.’s, Inmanism, 
Mr. Whitelaw, black-powder guns, exploding N I 3 , camping, December, track and field, summer vacations. 
Dislikes: study stiffs, French, 6:30 A.M., The Nerd, Commies (The Red Plague), English compositions or 
essays, boredom, phonies, S.A.T.’s. 

Most Frequently Found: outdoors. 

Dream: to be a successful electrical engineer. 

Carol Dianne Young 

Lucky I am sane after all I’ve been through. 

I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do. 

Life’s been good to me so far ... . 

Joe Walsh 

Likes: Kit, Deb, and other associates, the “look of doom", feline friends, York Peppermint Patties, grafix, 
painting, Beatles, STH, the derivative of a turkey, gumbies, Kit’s profundity. Tiki Port (shrimp), Susan’s 
yellow box, Annandglenn, crazy people, 500, Faneuil Hall, James Bond: 007, white carnations, 
$4.55, “playing" my guitar, “Whifflow", Mcriyn, two blue dries, “playing" tennis, the “Yesterday" duet. 
“The Stranger”, The Lord of the Rings, Springhill Beach, “MOOSIE", 0020’s physics class. Bugs Bunny, 
“sea-grey eyes", jellybeans, rattling cages, tea, Poe, polite people. TNY, seafood. 

Dislikes: VANILLA ICE CREAM, petty people, 40219, 40219, 40219, 40219, coffee, hypocrisy, turkeys 
in my life, watching T V., trite sayings, finding out, trying to revive David’s Carr, 33, 35, 37 point turns. 

Randall Douglas Zeppenfcld 
Mein istein einsam ein 



Likes: senior privileges, physics, graduating early. 

Dislikes: that particular picture, people with superiority complexes, morons, people who call me Zeppinfield. 
Most Frequently Found: in the TV studio. 

Dream: to be a successful lawyer. 

Cheryl Zinkargue Cher 

My head is saying forget him, my heart is saying don't let go. 


Likes: RICHARD, dressing up, being with friends. Bob, Ruth, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, Ceils, Lynyrd 
Skynyrd, Foghat and others, sewing, reading, COZ, PROM NIGHT (afterwards), the day at the lake 
house. Blue Duster, converts, being called Cher, getting off the Cape, my privacy, Tom Collins, B.T., ice 
skating, the Machaurds, seeing old friends, Sara G., men. 

Dislikes: being cold, being uptight or nervous, people fighting, beer, cliques, munching out, fat. depending on 
others, lazy people, unwanted noise, being without a car, being a slob, waiting, wearing rings, boredom, 
people fighting, being shy or blushing, a shaky car at 55, being disappointed by wrecked plans. 

Dream: to be happy and comfortable and to find what I search for. 

Janet Gail Zinkargue 

Life is never what is seems 

And every man must meet his destiny. 

Dennis DeYoung (STYX) 

Likes: TIMMY, STYX, TOMMY SHAW, red hair, S.D., animals, B.C.R., summer nights, blue, caring 
people, meeting new people, MOM, my SISTERS, my friends, Billy Joel, Joe Lumley, Paul McCartney, 
driving, good music, nice people, strawberries, blue eyes, Mrs. Huff, cool breeze, concerts, having a good 
time, country. 

Dislikes: big shots, two-faced people, being pressured, drugs, smoking, snobs, cold weather, drinking, colds, 
Aerosmith, liars, bossy people, S.H.S. pool, people who are cruel to others, sweet potatoes, fruit cake, 
coffee, speed demons, being crowded in hot weather, being stung, the school’s new system, feeling sick, 
not being noticed, being stared at for a long time, city, being embarrassed. 

Dream: to be happy and spread love all around. 

Janice Mae Zinkargue 

All of the years I’ve spent in search of myself. 

And I’m still in the dark, 

’Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone. 

Tommy Shaw (STYX) 

Likes: STYX, summer, spring, my mom. Tim and family, L.C.Z., being happy, Ron, my friends, Paul 
McCartney and Wings, D.B., Joe l.umley, animals, music, Hugh, B.C.R., my sisters, red hair and blue 
eyes, earing people. 

Dislikes: snobs, drinking, smoking, selfishness, swimming in the school pool, loneliness, cruelty, cold days. 
Depression, being pressured, Aerosmith, fighting, drugs, two-faced people, liars, being shy. 

Dream: to travel and meet new people. 


Most Musical: Mark Frank and Debbie Burke 

Done Most for the Class of ’79: Martha Cook and 
Bruce Kingsbury 

Class Blushers: Jim Martin and Chris Gagnon 

Cutest: Eric Milroy and Cindy Gourley 


• - J 

Most Intelligent: Jenny Shriver and Larry Shell 
Class Couple: Anna Roell and Glenn Landers 

Class Writers: Artie Dolan and Mar- 
tha Cook 

Most Distinctive Laugh: Gina Jacinto and Peter 


Best Bund: Janice Anderson and Eric Milroy 
Most School Spirit: Martha Cook and Artie Dolan 
Best Dressed: Susie Gee and Bobby Eccleston 

Most Athletic; Daphne Cornman and Matt 

Class Flirts: Debbie Kelley and Bobby Ferrari 

Class Clowns: Debbie Stanley and Tom 

Most Artistic: Carol Young and Mike 

Friendliest: Sharon Palmer and David 

Most Likely To Succeed: Larry Shell and 
Lisa Barr 


Footprints in the sand 

^ y^QT0«*W^AD 

I D^VIDS\V-V^ U^VE^ ^ 


par'M«%>«>"f re>0*f'’'^ «.\\TV^^. t.\T*0 CT/VvMRrt^^OS 
JoK^^ pe>S.'rer5SR?.'«u'»'<''^S,T* A14>1 I^OP^Z . 

F0P> IT f 

I VI I ai . aFiH 6 N^e,H-r^'^ 


CWS 70m - 5 


X C<»rr<2.ra 

To nri\ t> I ^Ter 
find -5/'r5^ (xJ)o 1 1 CO ho-upT^' 

^n<a4s^k^ C\cje_:5^ A/lc4 
A/AVC FOn < I I 

X OJL -J^A-naS^ Lecujty 

f\jue(^ 'Cu.ue ■h xfearl^oclj^ Cx>Lth ^fTTllCrm^fliSiC) CJ\000(t 

ijjmeo in *Jie .fxJJuktAq 

T teojuf eijoiy 

OTiC. fT%^ ifxsop^ C^yiOCMOir ~ 




S.H . 5 

/ /ir<3<u fic< (Kass of n^O , 
a>UM.'f-ic^i pilbuLU/j 
y 't^yiHUiru KducOiij , SJfjJLp 

r nku^s, A c^odcan 
' ^ ^.^$^£>«>PHosiA. of in 

L<M^ , OiXJLd. <300 cL 

Imcamsc <f/ 

K^JUl (f tui-fA(>u.i- 

JbuLcX (MCAMiC U/t(( 

I ■ '~tM I 



Ojiih'them, QxOJOCi 







t: V-m n\bR5 nte 

0U £.fcfwe_4t«hT|(>»LThj5% 
Of<7 Uin5T€Ji'yf-RR. ^ 

£>0«R ^QjLQtP^ f^id\]ri 
in -FniLg£!^eJ^‘*i<> ‘--oif X 

J. mu 

X “6 6. 

(jOf^XKFOU o^Fy 
LTtAo U] 



r^R -tTiX/oe 

R<=berT ^ ^ 

Mr. C <5ok At.*- 
-rhs.ft^ (A/j-ih Hi's ruto 

tl«5Je5 in ye^fif><'. 







I 6>riGin Cook Itav^ a n-c-^ 
oV Iirc3 4K> m^pc- 1 
VJorn Oot pc«r> 4o 

Usio^cL^M leoMe 4bo^e+Wlnesc, 

■to ^z-dinne; i 

Nocd I ouUl 

\tcwc -^’oreV'Cr D- ' 




All nghi, "X -said ^ 'T ’no 

3/aa .t'5 Q. 3,r/. 

X hopt. She'H be c\^^- 
Xhftf ‘5 fcKc b«Sf-fchi»\a 
a 9»rl.CQ.n be try -h ,,5 

u>orici , <K b«a.ortii4:^, | 

I title -fool . * 3 «i >3 


TbtL i)a.S+- 

Of 1 ♦ r\ 

lO. ) I ^ p or+S'l 

\J tcil6*"«AneH, 

(Tm oJU ■/Ax 

ta Cjnm. rviucH 

^<tK 'V\>jL 

^ foVo«ejee(,ev« 

X, A/^A /ou/C Tcirct 

6C /U^ 4oic^/<lr. CL 

^oat.aucx/i tXy 5 >cWo^f 



f^a.fcK AAA/5e+^ 

^ (if-fU loct for 
‘-^)^ Afr, 

/At 3aa5^ 

fUsi cheer Uajzn 
(oil>fiop5^a.rsJ /e-iv/« 

t^Q <y«/tie''/ ^5 . 

C^Ood /crc k 

^\ie.t-\j<yVJL -t h^vC 


JcHr^ \s(. 



3 — 





l"un yot 

fiStx ^Qsfc c^Jncerfs 

H eave N 


V/ o. ' V, 

X n No'V reac^Y S/^ '• ' 


For ujVloliC'VO' W«. cL^ow or <xt>na.^ 

i^t s (Avi»YS ouTse\ye^ vie ltv like seoe 

^rv/c^ To 

^ 7it<. ^/TT -X /rti*rc ^ 

■"‘^z UftJ T^ Afha ^JCCt/^ 

9. JoAn McG^off, lea^e. 
on<i broken po-ncil i~o Joe 
fl.f\c| bba memori eb J-o 
Ql| my -fiLachars. To 
Mr 5 .C 0 g 3 a.Kall. r leaua 

4 IUCK, + 


X t^Aa. 

X ^ , J ce-ix<^ o-Hui^~ ^ 

CrOd-ert-^ CI^SL.^ /ca_-€>. 

^ c5j2€te 

gpO/OgV Ol (oa^ClX^ _%^ 

OVo^SS Tto 
f o vwr 


£iv/-V^ Jooii- 

tK^exv^^ r 

<50 *06»»= CJ*'^ 

id-o-rrMvo V6cst>t«- 00 ^^ 

<<1^0 tw^ o f\cUi^el.xS5 Sc^^^es 



5x»iA5-\er o Vjoof: /© 
qr^ oot Te5St>\\" 

C(NtK aV^ 

0<V ’‘^<XCOp 


. . . Ae pic.hit-e LS 

Tlouj you 're part o{ a CrouxL 

'^hey 're (au^hrn^ at 


find, the -Trjusic's loud 
f\ ^ to! coTves IpcoQfds pou. 

you once. used, to knoui 
you reach out ^our hand 

But you're alt oJane, 

in -thoise 

~T7rne passages 
I knoMtyoa re m iBere.. 

Ljou re just out of si^ht 

Oh, A'”je passer's 

du<^ “me a ticket 
On Ite /os/ train home 

ftl Steujart 

0«t "must oloxiL^s beUexe ^ 
J itv.tWc fossibUctji j % 
T sY o'^ a■nlco^^^5 . I ^ 


fcom e o'a +o 91 -.K. 

‘‘Cot? if Repeat pa^t ?“ he cr-ied. 
(/)credu(Q 05 l/ . " l/^hy o'f couf-se, 
Cfoci can / 

A#Kf rhe^ im<^er€/ku/n**^ *p i 
Q pfrcA fv fhsi* 

f*U /^pr^ rh t of 

Mt T<f^r St^s » 

tf f«S . /> 


t^ut^ ® Sr^tt /» 

it Carntittan 

*?. TKt 60 s. 

fWns U-tf (H Joi- 

ofrh^^nJCs. AiV 4 

T^c SeJiaal 

9 laA fo Ic^ow 

/^f S 'C^hul^^l 


H<K ^C- fu-Tyf 

I Hope, 


n^sS x>o-ssit>lc^ 

muc^, 'J||) 





\€«k<re Mf 

^ X^-ox>ds 14. C f 4 1/^ /»ic/ 

prenn ■/<> BJl<i(>c f < 4* *^ . /Hy ^co^Zi" 

dtafi -o ^Cf-t <?ro^o CAOi^<7^ 

CKr,5 I /ao-v'c kcr /n 4 ^ 

fc> JeSS -f\ ~Dft\j 6 

XZ [^c\y< tUa^ wJ«tU lister 5««'«oi->5 

, -fi> 0 ^ 1 ^ X. w'.H^ 

m rviw\ ^•to^acV\ -'7“K<\.»"v^ d 
was rt«l,.OSH 

r«^ .itc) 


Vvjf\S W<^ 


£ LflO^-^€ \e<xv;t r^y 

/\FPvO ^o hr. Fer^Vor^ X Uaue 
(XH vv\y ^-ori Ca\c'»li5 

Vr> Mrs. {-Vti-rsC I ( ^’aOe r^y 

ce^Ase a! UvA.-or fo Mrs 
^^JcKUe'^W^pX U^sW^, 

VsvA\sO.»\C< ^ 



VWof <- 

tOcaJ ? * 


<tY CJ'ufna.n 


UoJtinq h^rz j\>r 
KQ.k.a. •''fc on <your own^ 

Ho-kz it ‘J jou ih^ah you 
you 5ce Xome-toAer®. /v) ^o , B 

9'<r> rio't ^ ^tiQ^ 9 're 50<zn 

. the /pro.n^ ^ 41 l a 

'larry and uJalk aw<u/ // yo«x 9 am. 

5at </OAd t^inAc too bfic//y a/^ one «uho s 

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The class of 1979 would like to recognize 
Mr. James Murphy for directing numerous stu- 
dent plays, for switching from English teacher 
to M.C. in a matter of minutes, and most of all, 
for his never-ending good humor and faithful 

We would also like to recognize Mrs. Ann Palmer 
for introducing us to the mystical land of Camelot, 
and for sharing Gatsby and the American dream. We 
especially want to thank her for giving up her nonexis- 
tent spare time to be our yearbook advisor. 


The soccer cheerleaders 
for ihe 19X7 season 
were: 1,. fiage, K. Gan- 
non, .1. Gilmciti. M 
Gleason. A. l.alham, 
*0. Milehelson. E. 
Pender, K. .Simpson, C. 
.So/io, K, Wesificld. 

Soccer . . . 

Kneeling: Trainer D. Silva, H. W'cekes, \V O'Brien. T. Messier, B. O'Rork, co-captains M Fincrty and E. Milroy. M. Bridges. B. Mes- 
sier. B. W alkcr. A. Evans. B. Kingsbury. Standing: Trainer \V . Sangstcr. I). Thomas. .1. Santos, .1. Cooper. R. willette. G. Landers. M. 
Frank, .1. Martin. .1. Byrne. .1. Pagani, E. Vigliano, T. Stable. Assistant Coach S. Tcdcschi. Coach IT Evans. 

The 1978 Sandwich Blue Knights soccer team regained its fourth Cape and 
Islands championship in six years. Led by All-Cape selections Matt Bridges, Mike 
Finerty, and Eric Milroy, the Knights finished with a record of 14-2-1, including 
double victories over Tabor Academy, which Sandwich had never defeated. “This 
season was by far the easiest to coach,” remarked Coach Harry Evans. 

It was a fantastic year and it 
ended with a spectacular game 
when, in the state tournament, 
the unbelievable Sandwich- 
Nauset matchup was drawn. 
The Blue Knights played a 
great game, “probably the best 
of the year,” says Evans. “We 
just couldn’t put the ball in 
the net.” So ended another suc- 
cessful season, and in 1979 the 
Blue Knights will once again be 
looking forward to winning the 
Cape and Islands Champion- 



Front: R. Dugan, B. Manning, A. Hewitt, J. Woodbury, S. Cotter, D. Roell, J. Brown, B. Thurston, P. Gill, J. Olson. Back: Coach 

S. Tedeschi, E. Peters, B. Emmanuelson, K. Beveridge, J. Manning, B. Cahoon, J. Lombard, B. Robechaud, B. Zipay, R. Palmer, 

T. Kelley, B. Lawrence. 

J.V. Field Hockey . . . 

Front: E. McArdlc, M. Dolan, W, Pavlas, P. DeCubellis, L. Luciani, L. Messier, E. McLaughlin, V. Oliver Back: M Broussard. S. Freitas. 
S. Milroy, J. DeCubellis, A. Dinius, E. Martin, J. Columbo, Coach S. Burlingame. 



Hockey . . . 

Front: S. McArdle, T. Cornman. H. O'Rork, C. Fairncny, J. McGrath, M. Cook. F,. Gaffney. Back: D. Cornman, A. Roell, K. 

Gagnon. D. Stanley, C. Santos, V. Gaffney. Managers P. Lemieux and R. Fenton. Coach J. Earle. 

The Blue Knighties had a tremendous season, finishing in 
second place with a 10-3-1 record which qualified them for the 
state tournament. In the first round of the tournament, the 
Knighties beat Somerset 1-0, in an extremely well-played 
game, “probably the best game of the season,” added Daphne 
Cornman. “It wasn’t just one or two individuals who played 
well; we all played together as a team.” Debbie Stanley, Chris 
Fairneny, Eleanor Gaffney, and Jody McGrath all received 
honorable mention for All-Cape. 

Swim Team . . . 

First row; M. Knowles, A. Chapman, S. Freitas, J. McGoff, S. Marganella, K. Peterson, W. Flagberg, J. Timmerman. Second 
row: J. Lombard, J. Pagani, T. Cook, C. Freitas, J. Briggs, C. Cousins, S. McNamara, C. Cousins, S. Westfield, J. Flagberg, S. 
Scovill, Coach D. Babbit. Third row: D. Miele, D. Giampetro, R. Rondeau. 


Under the direction of Coach 
Diane Babbit, the Sandwich 
High Swim Team once again 
had an excellent season. 
Sandwich and its arch-rival 
Apponequet share an unusual 
aspect in having the only 
two co-ed teams in the div- 
ision. Because the team is 
comprised of many young 
swimmers, another fine season 
is expected next year. 


Varsity Basketball . . . 

Coached by Mr. W. Earle, the members of the 1978-1979 varsity basketball team were: co-captains M. Frank and G. Landers, 
E. Alejandro, D. Burgess, S. Dickerson, J. Doyle, M. Finerty,, R. Gallerani, K. Glynn, J. McMahon, E. Milroy, and D Thomas. 

Cheerleaders for the '78-’79 season were: co-captains K. 
Elerndon and J. Olson, ,1. Gilmetti, A. Latham. S. Nevling, 
L. Ouellette, C. Pavlas, M. Sylvia, and S. Tazioli. 


The Sandwich High Blue 
Knights Basketball Team has 
played a commendable 78-79 
season. In league play the 
Knights hovered near the .500 

Mark Frank who were two of 
the Cape and Islands leading 
scorers. Senior Michael Finerty 
played an excellent season as 
well as Eric Milroy and 6’6 
center Kevin Glynn. First-year 
player Sly Dickerson has also 
done an admirable job. Sopho- 
more Dwayne Burgess, a trans- 
fer student from New York, 
was a welcomed sight, for he 
played a tremendous season and 
should worry opposition for the 
next two years. 

percentage mark, with two 
thirty-point wins over Harwich 
and Provincetown. 

The team was led by senior 
co-captains Glenn Landers and 

Girls Varsity Basketball 

First Row. D. Cornman, D. Stanley, L. Buckland. Second Row: J. McGrath, D. Luciani, C. Santos, E. Baptiste, L. Tucker, 
R, Merritt, S. Lemieux, J. Crowell, Coach Zion. 


The Sandwich High School 
Girls’ Basketball Team had a 
commendable season despite in- 
juries to key players. Another 
excellent season is predicted for 
next year, as several players 
with varsity experience wih oc 
returning to the team. Upcom- 
ing players from the j.v. squad 
should also be an asset to the 
team, judging from their out- 
standing record this season. 

Freshmen Basketball . . . 

First row: J. Woodbury, J. Smith, J. Vcrmynck, B. Manning, J. Clossen. Second row: Coach E. ' 
Giardino, B. Emanucison, T. McMahon, J. Govoni, S. Carr, R. Condon. i 


JV Basketball . . . 


r At 

Front: S. Milroy, co-captain. Back: L 
Drifmeyer, M. Broussard, M. 
Watson, T. Cornman, S. Barr, P. 
Lemieux, J. Doyle, R. Fenton, P. 
DeCubellis, C. Fairneny, Coach S. 
Burlingame. Missing from picture is 
co-captain W. Pavlas. 

Centered around Coach T. Taylor are the mem- 
bers of the boys jv basketball team: O. Alejan- 
dro, B. Cohoon, J. Chambers, R. Clossen, J. 
Crowley, R. Dugan, J. Govoni, K. Hickey, J. 
Manning, G. Mores, J. Rogers, B. Thurston, 
H. Weekes. 



Hockey . . . 

Coached by Mr. Sandy Norton, the members of the Varsity Hockey Team were: M. Bridges, D. Brun, J. Byrne, P. Cooke, A. Dolan, S. 
Dolan, B. Dutra, A. Evans, M. Ferrick, J. Giampetro, S. Glynn, A. Hewitt, T. Kelley, T. Messier, J. Quinn, B. Stobbart, M. Stutzman. 

The Hockey Ciicc 'leaders for the 78-79 season were: M. Cooke, J. DeCubellis, A. 
Dinius, T. DiPersio, iv.' Dolan, V. Gaffney, D. Leonard, L. Mangan, E. Martin, L. 
Messier, S. O'Neil, E. Pender, L. Power. 

The Sandwich Blue Knights Hockey Team had a exciting 78-79 
season, led by an offense of Matt Bridges, Todd Kelley, and Steve 
Dolan. Halfway through the season high scorer Matt Bridges, who 
at that point was having a phenomonal year, was lost for the remainder 
of the campaign with a thumb injury. 

The defense included Bob Stobbart, Billy Dutra, Artie Dolan, 
and new faces John Byrne and Mike Stutzman. Sophomore Tim 
Messier played an outstanding season as goalie. The Blue Knights 
displayed superior talent with some great potential for next year. 


Softball . . . 

The Blue Knighties softball team had an excellent Reason, finishing 
in second place behind rival Harwich. The Knighties handed Harwich 
their only loss of the season in what was undoubtedly the highlight of 
the year. 

Front; L. Buckland. M. McNamara, L. Seabury, L. 
Bess. J. McGrath. Back: G. Jacinto, C. Gourley, C. Fair- 
neny, D. Cornman, Coach E. Zion, A. Dinius, S. Smith. 
Missing from picture: M. DeConto. 


Baseball . . . 

Front row- M. Fincrty, M. LcBlanc, B. Ferrari, M. Fledjucek, L. 
Shell. D. Malcolmson. B. Kingsbury, B. Myers. Back row- Coach 
Giardino, J. Santos. .1. Cooper, .1. Doyle, M. Doyle, R. Gallerani, J. 
Liberty, D. Thomas, P. Howell, Assistant coach T. Taylor, Trainer 
W. Sangster. 



Most people thought that the 1978 season would 
be a rebuilding one since nearly all of last year’s 
starters had graduated, but the Sandwich Blue 
Knights successfully defended their Cape and 
Islands championship. Led by All Cape selections 
Larry Shell, John Liberty, and Jeff Cooper, the 
Knights posted a 14-2 league record. “This team 
won most of its games on superior pitching and de- 
fense, but in 1979 the offense should be a potent 
weapon, too,” states Larry Shell. 

Jeff Cooper adds, “It was a team, not just a group 
of individuals, and that is what was needed to win.” 
The Knights are indeed a team, a good one. In 
1979 Coach Giardino and the boys will be aiming 
for their third straight championship. 

Front: J. Govoni, D. Wood, R. 
Gaffney. O. Alejandro, .). Quinn, R 
Dugan. J. Giampetro, K. Hcndriekson. 
Back: Coach T. Taylor, S. l iberty. Fi. 
Alejandro, R. Gallerani, M. l eBlanc, 
J. Doyle, .1. Lombard, fj. Mores. 

Front: A. Gaffney, S. O'Neil. W. F^av- 
las, J. Olson, C. Herndon, T. Corn- 
man. P. Smith, S. Wallace. Back: T. 
DiPersio, L. Ciagc, S. McNamara. S. 
Barr, C. Freitas, M. McCandless, M. 
Maito, H. Martin, Coach E. Ho.xie. 


J.V. Baseball . . . 

Softball . . . 



Varsity- Coach Tcdeschi, M. McCarthy, R. Leydon, R. Kudera, G. Landers, R. McLaughin, J. Walker, D. 

The Sandwich Blue Knights tennis team swung to its second straight Cape and Islands 
League championship. The team’s 1 1-1 record and 15-1 overall easily qualified them for the state 
tournament. Knocked out in the second round, the Knights expect to have another successful 
season in the spring. 

Junior Varsity- Coach Tcdcschi, M. Ferrick, T. Kelley, P. Cooke, T. Messier, D. Roell, B. Fisk, T. Cook 


Girls- J. Lewis. L. Mangan, J. DcCubcllis, R. Merritt, A. Roell, (). Leonard, L. Tisch. V. Gaffney, M. 
Cooke, S. McArdle, M. Smith, trainer 

The Sandwich Blue Knighlies tennis team served into second place in the Cape 
and Islands League. They had qualified for the state tournament, but were never 
notified about it, so they were unable to participate. In the 1979 season the girls hope 
to have another winning year and gain a berth in post season play. 




Back row- W. Naylor, coach. C. Randall, manager, T. Stahl. C. Wright, C. Peterson, J. Martin, T. White, S. Suckling, captain, S. 
Moroney, S. Christie, trainer. L. Rasche, manager. Middle row- P. Gill, D. Peterson. J. Bondarek, W. Power. M. DiPersio, J. Rogers, 
M. Fuller. M. Myers, J. Walker, M. DiPersio, R. Nelson. Front row- L. Cook, P Gangemi, P. Rutherford. C. Kurtz, L. Tucker, S. 
Westfield, C. Sozio, H. Anderson, P. Callahan. 

In the 1978 season, the Sandwich track 
team picked up its first Cape and Islands 
League trophy. 

Although the team did not finish 
highly in the standings, many records 
were broken and several individuals 
turned in performances that should quali- 
fy them for competition in the 1979 state 


Yearbook Staff 

Front: S. Suckling, M. Cook, 
M. Henderson, C. Laakso, 
C. Hart, S. Marganella, M. 
Frank. Back: Mrs. A. Pal- 
mer, Advisor, L. Barr, D. 
Burke, D. Robert!, S. Tit- 
comb, C. Young. 

Front: A. Flynn, L. Barr, J. 
Loftus, K. Simpson. Back: 
Mrs. S. Pearson, Advisor, M 
Henderson, L. DeGraw, K. 
Glynn, D. Robert!, A. Dol- 
an, M, Cook, B. Myers. 

Knight Time . . . 


Student Council . . . 

Front: S. McNamara, S. Suckling, B. Eccleston. Back: G. Jacinto, P. Smith, S. Lemieux, M. Cook, 
Mrs. J. Coggeshall, Advisor, C. Fairneny, A. Roell, Mrs. P. Caldwell, Advisor, S. Christie, J. Eccles- 

Front: D. Robert!, L. Barr, M. Hend- 
erson. Ms. M. Mulcahy, Advisor, C. 

First row: M. Fitzpatrick, J. Martin, 

L. Barr, C. Young. Second row: L. 
DeGraw, A. Roell, S. Suckling, .1. 
McGoff, M. Frank, K. Simpson. 
Third row: D. Burke, M. Henderson, 
C. Zinkargue, S. Marganella, L. 
Buckland, D. Kelley, M. DeConto, 

M. LeGacy. Fourth row: C. Gcitz, 
L. Shell, P. Lemire, C. Wright, D. 

National Honor Society . . . 


Radio Club 


Front: M. Gambaro, M. Fitz- 
patrick, D. Pell, B. Campbell, 
S. Brown, M. Kirsch. Back: 

A. Roell, S. Marganella, A. Mc- 
Lean, J. Briggs, J. Chambers, 

B. Robechaud, S. Moroney, J. 
Bondarek, C. Suller, Mr. H. 

Trainers . . . 

Deca . . . 

j E. Milroy, B. Messier, K. Simpson, L. Maitio, J. Cahoon, J. Jones, B. McArdle, B. Ramsey, 

S. Quirk, B Pike, Mrs. C. Farley, Advisor. 

Front: J. Rogers, D. Silva. Back: J. McGrath, M. Smith, Mr. W. 
Sangster, Advisor. 


Math Club . . . 

Art Club . 

K. Murphy. M Anaki, C 
Laakso, I, Tucker, C. Hart 


P. Lemire, S. Suckling, L. Tucker, J. 
Briggs, J. Pagani, J. Chambers, J. Loft- 
us, C. Smith, J. Kreisinger, M. Lucier, 
P. Ha, C. Broder. 

Class Officers 


D. Kelley, Vice President, 
L. Buckland, Secretary, 
Mrs. B. DeLacy, class 
advisor, M. Cook, Presi- 
dent. Missing from picture: 
B. Kingsbury, Treasurer. 


C. Fairneny, President, S. Lemieux, student council, J. DeCubel- 
lis. Vice President, C. Suller, Secretary, Mr. T. Taylor, class 
advisor, N. Santos, Treasurer. Missing from picture: Ms. F. 
Tkaczuk, class advisor. 


Front: S. McNamara, student council, G. Morrow, Vice President. 
Back: P. Smith, student council, K. Simpson. Secretary, S. Christie, 
President, Mrs ' Wallen, class advisor. 


Front: K. Beveridge, student council, P. Gill. President. 
Back: W. Lantry, Treasurer, P. DeCubcllis. student 
council, N. Lombard, Secretary. M. Gleason, Vice Presi- 
dent, Mrs. G. Webster, class advisor. 




The members of the Sandwich High School Chorus are: C. Alvezi, C. Baker, J. Bondarek, M. Bridges, K. Brogan, D. Brule, R. Condon, 
M. Cooke, J. Crowell, J. DeCubellis, A. Dinius, T. DiPersio, J. Fairneny, D. Ferguson, B. Ferrari, V. Finerty, E. Gaffney, L. Gage, T. 
Gallagher, M. Gleason, Y. Glynn, P. Griffith, K. Herndon, L. Hill, N. Ivashek, B. Kingsbury, K. Kosarick, G. Landers, P. Lemieux, D. 
Leonard, J. Lovell, L. Luciani, M. Lucier, M. Maito, D. Malcolmson, E. Martin, J. McGrath, S. Murray, M. Nolan, J. Olson, S. O’Neil, 
L. Ouellette, E. Pender, R. Potter, L. Power, C. Prouty, A. Ramoska, B. Richmond, L. Rasche, A. Roell, M. Ruhl, J. Santos, S. Scovill, 
S. Tazioli, D, Thomas, C. Walling, B, White, T, White, C. Wood, J. Wood, S. Wood. 


First row; K. Simpson, N. Santos. Second row: D. Burke, V. Cervantes, M. Smith, H. Callahan. J. Vermynck, M. Dolan, 
C. Freitas, V. Gaffney, J. Mendonza, L. LeGacy, J. Anderson, K. Simpson. Third row: .1. Peterson. S. Christie. S. Barr, 
S. McNamara, D. Nelson, P. Marcia, R. Jones, P Gill, B. Campbell. R. Fisk. G. Cooper. K. Abbey. D. DeConto. S. Feeley. 
Fourth row: J. Dodge, D. Skipper. M L.ucier. D Perry. M. Frank, R Howes, M. Wallace, J. McGrath, C. Gill, E. Canning, 
A Titcomb, R. Fenton, M. Ferrick, W. O'Brien. Fifth row: A. Chapman, K. Evans, T. McDonough, R. Nelson, K. Beveridge, 
R. Wheaton, J. Closson, B. Hanley, J. McManus, J. Macl.achlan. 

First row: M. Morrow, C. Olson .Second row: E. Peters. R Hoffman. M 
LeGacy, L. Santos. 

After a successful trip to 
Florida’s Disneyworld in the 
spring of 1978, the Sand- 
wich High School Band 
continued its excellent rec- 
ord of parade performances. 
The marching unit re- 
ceived second place in the 
Hyannis Christmas Parade, 
and a special award, never 
given before, in the Fal- 

mouth Parade. The band 
played in an outstanding 
winter concert and traveled 
to New Hampshire for an 
exchange concert in March. 
Enthusiasm continues to 
build for another success- 
ful year which may hold a 
trip to the Macy’s Thanks- 
giving Day Parade in New 




Sealed: C. Gagnon Standing: F. Bridges, S. Gee, M. Frank, J. 
Anderson, T. Blackledge. 

The Class of 1979 held its junior prom at the 
Sheraton Inn in Falmouth. This year the theme 
was “If’, and the room was decorated in blue. 
Couples danced to the music of Armada, then 
waited in silent anticipation to find who would 
become prom queen. Janice Anderson and Susie 
Gee were chosen princesses, and Chris Gagnon was 
crowned queen. 



It ^ ^ 



Last spring when SHS held its first Spirit Week, all six classes 
competed to see who had the most school spirit. Contests were 
held each day. On Tuesday, everyone dressed in blue and white; 
Thursday was hat, sock, and t-shirt day; on Friday each class 
decorated a hall in the school colors. Points were tallied and 
the trophy was presented to the winners . . . the class of 1979, of 


Senior class ecology and pornography club 

What was your question? 

No, it’s not open season on discus 

We wear short shorts 

Dig that stereo! 

Oh how I love to play those P-Town fellas 

Wanna get lucky? 

Trying to catch flies? 

Does anyone know CPR? 

Donald Hayward Allen - Plymouth Stale College 

Scott F. Ames - CCCC 

Karen Marie Anderson - work 

Lesley Ann Baker - CCCC 

l,ori Ann Bess - Westfield State 

Jennifer Boyle - Boston College 

Robin Sue Brackett - Framingham State 

Paul Matthew Brennan - work 

Susan Ann Brower - work 

William Watson Brown - Stonchill College 

Robert J. Brun - CCCC 

Glenn C. Burke - work 

Stephen Allen Burke - Montreal-Anderson College 

Theresa M. Cahoon - Lyndon State 

Cynthia Marie Campbell - CCCC 

Christopher Lee Caron - University of Lowell 

Judy Ellen Ciarfclla - work 

Katherine H. Colton - Boston College 

Jeanne Mary Condon - Travel Agency School 

Laurie J. Cook - work 

Lynn M. Cook - work 

Ricky A. Crcmcans - work 

Lynn N. Crowell - work 

Robert Anthony Cullen - work 

Patrick Charles Deacon - Northeastern 

Joseph J. DeFclice - CCCC 

Nancy Ann DcCubcllis - Colgate University 

Elaine Elizabeth Denney - CCCC 

Sheila Marquitta Dill - CCCC 

Daniel Leonard DiPrctc - Norwich University 

Matthew Ernest Doyle - Bridgewater State 

James Henry Earle, Jr. - work 

Susan G. Elliott - work 

Pamela Lynn Elvander - CCCC 

Donna M. Evans - work 

l.inda J. Fagnant - North Adams State 

Alden D. Fallows - Trinity College 

In their yearbook, the Class of 
1978 dedicated a page to their 
friends who graduated in 1977. 
We, the Class of 1979, would like 
to carry on the tradition by dedi- 
cating this page to the 1978 gradu- 
ates of Sandwich High School 
who are now either working or 
continuing their education. 


Class of ’78 . . . 

Charles P. Latham - work 

Lynda Elizabeth Leonard - Bridgewater State 

Rebecca Suzanne Lewis - Simmons College 

Richard W. Leydon - Castleton 

Leo Raymond Manning, Jr. - Wocester Polytech 

Heather Newcomb Marshall - work 

Michael J. McCarthy - CCCC 

Eileen McFarland - work 

Mary Margaret McGoff - Stonehill 

Paula M. McKay - work 

Richard Steven McLaughlin - Stonehill 

Timothy Quentin McMahon - CCCC 

Maureen E. McNamara - Bryant College 

Carl Michael Mores - Gordon College 

John F. Mott - Ithaca 

Sean T. O'Toole - CCCC 

Steven Michael Pagani - CCCC 

Karen E. Parker - DeKalb Community College 

Christopher J. Pavao - CCCC 

John A. Pell - Navy 

Alma Christine Perry - Northeastern 

Doreen Traces Rose Quinn - Touch Shorthand Academy 

Joy Quinton - Cornell 

Sandra J. Ramey - CCCC 

Donna M. Robbins - CCCC 

Michael P. Rooney - Bridgewater State 

Therese Ann Rossignol - Worcester State 

Richard Steven Scovill - work 

Laura Ellen Seabury - Beckett Junior College 

Kimberly Ann Small - Salem State 

Timothy Paul Smith - Messiah College 

James Michael Spieldenner - CCCC 

Ruth Surdut - Lasell Junior College 

Jane Elizabeth Thomas - North Adams State 

David C. Tooher - CCCC 

Raymond W. Tourvilic - work 

Ellen Tully - CCCC 

Kathleen Ann Uggerholt - Notre Dame College 
Mark Steven Vaudreuil - Air Force 
Peter John Vigliano - Michigan State 
John Simpson Walker - Stonehill 
Gail Marie Weekes - U.S.C. 

Nathan J. Weilbacher - CCCC 
Susan Jean West - work 
Bradford W'. White - work 
Kathleen Mary White - work 
Wendy Ellen Whiting - CCCC 
Scott R. W'illard - work 
Blair Allen Yates - Army 

Brian T. Ferrari - CCCC 

David A. Fournier - Thomas College 

Joanne Ruth Fraser - Windham College 

Mark D. Freitas - work 

Linda Lee Freidaborn - work 

Donna M. Gilfoy - work 

Lisa Ann Gooding - Leominster Hospital School of Nursing 

Lisa Anne Goodwin - Boston University 

Donald C, Green - Nathaniel Hawthorne College 

Nicholas J. Grillo - work 

l.aura Guillcmette - Boston College 

Benjamin Tinker Harrington - Heidelberg College 

Brian Paul Henderson - CCCC 

Robert Hewitt Jr. - CCCC 

Mark Eric Hughbanks - Air Force 

Catherine Ann Jones - work 

Frances Eiloise Justice - Burdett School 

Susan Kay Korgen - Smith College 

Richard Xavier Kudera - St. Michaels 

l,ce R. Kuznarowis - work 

Mark Eidward Kuznarowis - work 


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Sears Auto Sales 
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